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Videos: Mob Wives: New Blood Cast Profiles Of Alicia DiMichele And Natalie Guercio!

The new season of Mob Wives: New Blood has two new additions, Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio! Check out their cast profiles video clips as they introduce themselves and talk about their history, what they are about and what can we expect on this new season. Check out the video clips below!

Alicia DiMichele Garofalo is one of two new cast members to join Mob Wives: New Blood this season, and in her words, she’s someone you don’t want to mess with. The New Jersey native is representing Philadelphiaalong with her close friend Natalie Guercio, and in this new profile clip, you can learn more about this mother of three, where she comes from, who her husband is, and her relationship with all the other ladies. “I’m just a regular mom, a great friend, just someone who adores their family,” she says. 

“I’m loyal, I’m honest, I’m very protective, I am a businesswoman, I do take things seriously but I’m also a mother, too, who loves to have fun with her son and it’s just all about me and my family.” That, in a nutshell, is Natalie Guercio, one of the new additions to the cast of Mob Wives: New Blood. Natalie’s a Philly native (and perhaps the world’s hottest funeral home director) and she’s as loyal to her family as she is to her city (although she concedes that New York does have better clubs and stores). 

Get ready for Alicia and Natalie and tune in when Mob Wives: New Blood premieres this Thursday, December 5th at 10PM ET/PT.

Source: VH1
Photo/Videos Credi: VH1