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Recap: RHOBH Season 4 - Episode 6: Palm Spring Breakers

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies take a girls trip to sunny Palm Springs, California when all hell breaks loose when it becomes Brandi vs. Joyce and Kyle vs. Yolanda. Read our full recap below!

The episode starts off with Brandi inviting some of her close friends over to talk about sex. Since Brandi is writing her second book based on dating and sex tips, she wanted to get other women’s opinions. Joyce’s is also with her girlfriends but she is selecting what to wear to Palm Springs, while Kim and her daughter Kimberly go shopping.

Kyle wants to spend some quality time with Carlton and the two do it by shopping for clothes for their Palm Springs trip. Carlton finds this the perfect opportunity to let Kyle know how she feels about her. Carlton addresses some stuff that has rubbed her the wrong way and also things that Kyle has said and done that Carlton found rude. Kyle apologizes and they both decide to start over but seems like it won’t be the case as Kyle walks off to talk to the cashier as Carlton is speaking, Carlton seems not pleased. I guess these two won’t ever get along.

Joyce picks up the Richards sisters and drive to Palm Springs on a limo, while Carlton and Lisa are in a separate car and Yolanda and Brandi in another. Joyce and the Richard sisters arrive first so that means first come first serve on selecting the rooms. They selected the best rooms which is in the main house, while the rest had to deal with a bungalow and a guest house. Brandi and Carlton shared a room in the guest house while Yolanda and Lisa shared a room a room in the bungalow.

The ladies head out by the pool too cool off. Brandi wants all the ladies to show off their bikinis and doesn’t want to be the only one sporting one. Joyce decides to take off her beach dress to be in a bikini to support Brandi. Soon Carlton follows and Brandi and Carlton get in the the pool while the others are enjoying the sun next to the pool. Brandi brings up the fact that the other night Carlton and Brandi shared a kiss, the ladies tells them to show them and they share a kiss together. Brandi starts calling Joyce, Jacqueline and Joyce says that’s a beautiful name but that’s not her name and corrects her in a friendly and classy way. Soon they start talking about Carlton’s tattoos. She shows the ladies her pentagram tattoo which is her connection to nature which is her faith wiccan represents.

Soon Brandi and Yolanda tell Joyce to go in the pool, Yolanda says a good hostess should do so, Joyce insits she doesn’t want to but Yolanda and Brandi keep insisting for her to go in the pool, then Kyle comes in her defense and tells them to stop peer pressuring her. Carlton speaks up quickly and finds it bloody ridiculous and goes on by saying it’s not peer pressure, guess Carlton is coming quickly for Kyle. Joyce then confesses she won’t go in the pool because she can’t really swin when Brandi then uses a  racial slur as a joke by telling her that black people don’t swim. (UMMM NO COMMENT). Brandi says in her interview that she always jokes like that with her black friends and they find it funny, the thing Brandi doesn’t get is that America is NOT her “friends” therefore they won’t take it as a joke, it's offensive. I do believe she is NOT racist but I also think she’s not smart enough to keep her shut mouth when she needs to which I feel that she has learned this due to this situation.

It’s dinner time and as every Real Housewives dinner, that can mean only one thing, Dinner from Hell! Brandi once again keeps calling Joyce Jacqueline which at this point she’s doing on purpose to annoy her and Brandi clearly says it in her interview. Joyce corrects her once again in a polite, classy manner. Brandi says that Joyce sounds like an old ladies name and that the name Joyce sounds more like a big fat pig. I got to commend Joyce for keeping her cool and keeping it classy. Then Brandi decides to call her Yoyce which is even worst because that brings Joyce bad memories from her high school days when she was bullied. She tries to explain that Yoyce reminds her of a bad time when she was bullied when Lisa quickly gives her opinion and thinks that Joyce said that Brandi is being a bully, Lisa is so wrong on this that is hilarious, she clearly heard wrong but Joyce and Kyle try to correct her.

Joyce then tells the ladies that she is happy to announce that she is going to star in a sitcom as a regular character when the other ladies dismiss her and ignore her and talk among themselves, can you say rude! Kyle at this point is shocked by the other ladies behavior. Kyle was truly and genuinely happy for Joyce and was asking questions about the show. Kyle comes in defense of Joyce, things escalate when Kyle calls Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa a “gang”. Lisa doesn’t like it and says it’s not true when it totally is and we can all see it. Yolanda takes this opportunity to confront Kyle regarding their issue that took place during the Season 3 Reunion when Kyle called out Yolanda for talking smack about Vanderpump. It becomes Kyle vs. Yolanda! Joyce tries to calm the situation but Yolanda tells her to butt out and Kyle and Yolanda go at it and it ends there, next week the dinner from hell continues and Brandi's house breaks in and her dog goes missing. Until next time!

Who's side are you on? I’m so team Kyle, Kim and Joyce on this one. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Monday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Bravo