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Recap: RHOA Season 6 - Episode 6: The Old Lady And The Shoe

Tension continues between Phaedra and Apollo, Porsha ends up in the hospital, Kandi is caught between her friend Carmon and her mother as a fight occurs during her wedding dress fitting and NeNe plans an all girls trip. Read our recap below!

The episode starts Todd and Carmon telling Kandi that she needs to put a stop to her mother for spreading negative rumors about them. Meanwhile NeNe and Greg visits her high school friend and they talk about Phaedra. NeNe claims that there was rumors in high school that Phaedra was known as the “head doctor” if you know what I mean. But if I recall correctly during the Season 3 reunion of RHOA, when Phaedra said she knew of NeNe back during their high school days in Athens, NeNe quickly denied knowing, heard of or ever talking to Phaedra. Hmmm something is not adding up here. So which one is it NeNe, did you know Phaedra back in the day or you didn't?

Phaedra and Apollo talk about the whole Kenya text-gate situation. I mean do we still have to deal with this? Apollo sort of apologizes but then he doesn’t, the problem with Apollo is that he still doesn’t think what he did was wrong which pisses Phaedra off and me too. He clearly didn’t follow Peter’s advice. Apollo feels like Phaedra doesn’t have any time for him and finds her more distant. Phaedra agrees with him but she promises as soon as school is over they are gonna be back to normal. We'll see how that turns out.

Kandi invites the girls over for some cardio and I must say Kenya and Cynthia are looking beyond fierce. NeNe takes this opportunity to tell the girls that she wants all of them to go on a all girls trip to Savannah, then NeNe let’s them know that Porsha was in the hospital since she fainted and fell. They call Porsha to check on her.

Next Noelle spends quality time with her dad and she tells him about her boyfriend, I swear Leon is a great man, he is what every women would love to be with. Cynthia then sites down with her ex, Leon to discuss about their daughter Noelle having a boyfriend. Leon tells Cynthia that he is ok with it and he would like for Noelle to confide on him about anything, including sex. Cynthia agrees to a certain extend and says she also hopes for Noelle to talk to her about it as well. I have to say I love the dynamic between these two, they are a perfect example on how to great is to co-parent, Mazel to them!

Next we see Porsha at the drug store with her sister. Porsha reveals that while walking off the plane she fainted and fell during the last two steps of the stairs. Luckily nothing major happened to her. Apparently she has a condition where the brain needs more oxygen, apparently this happens when you stress a lot, hope that doesn't happen to me. Moving on, Porsha gets a call from NeNe and invites her for the all girls trip in Savannah, Porsha says yes. Porsha and Kenya trapped in vacation? Now this should be good!

Next Kenya meets her aunt for lunch and they start talking about Kenya’s boyfriend. Kenya’s aunt thinks it’s time for her to think about having children. Kenya reveals she always wanted to get married first but she definitely wants children no matter what, when the subject of her mother comes up. Kenya realizes that she is still has issues of the abandonment from her mother, I must say it's nice to see a vulnerable side to Kenya.

Kandi and her friend Carmon go to try on wedding dresses. Carmon waits for Kandi as she is trying on her first weeding dress when Mama Joyce and Kandi’s aunts arrive. You can feel the tension between Mama Joyce and Carmon, then Mama Joyce  makes a remark saying she hopes Kandi never wears the dress when Carmon questions her and tells her why did she show up if she’s going to be so negative when Mama Joyce gets up and tells her because she’s family and questions why Carmon is there. Things get heated when Mama Joyce makes more accusations about Carmon sleeping with Todd when Carmon tells her there’s no rumors, that is Joyce, she's the one starting all the rumors when Mama Joyces tries to physically attack Carmon. At one point Mama Joyce removes her shoes and wants to throw it at Carmon when Kandi walks out and tries to put a stop to it.

Carmon leaves and waits for Kandi in another waiting area but the shocking part is that the aunts cover for Mama Joyce and try and lie and say that Carmon was the one wanting to attack Joyce when it’s a complete lie. Next Kandi and Carmon sit down and talk and Kandi believes her and knows how her mom is. I understand that Kandi respects her mom as everyone should but Mama Joyce behavior is out of time and ridiculous, but at the same time I commend her for bringing on the drama because lately the RHOA episodes have been quite boring lately, until next time.

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