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Recap: RHOA Season 6 - Episode 5: Save The Drama For Mama

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” Moore finally finds a place, Cynthia meets her daughter Noelle's boyfriend, Phaedra ignores Apollo, Porsha goes house hunting, NeNe appears for only a minute and Kandi and Todd face off with Mama Joyce, and let’s just say she is the only one bringing in the drama, thank you Mama Joyce! Read our recap below!

This episode with Phaedra, she is still not happy about the whole Apollo and Kenya “Text-Gate”, while I understand where she is coming from I'm already bored with this situation. While Apollo tries to talk to her, the Southern Belle ignores him and hits the road with her classmates to Alabama for her mortuary science study group. Apollo visits Cynthia at her Modeling Agency and she tries to convince him to model for her, Cynthia shares with us that Apollo looks up to Peter as an older brother and their friendship has grown to the point that Cynthia feels she knows Apollo more than Phaedra.

Kandi and her assistant and bestie Carmon are getting the Burruss home ready for Todd’s arrival. Kandi confides with Carmon about the drama she’s been having with her mom. Carmon feels like Kandi needs to have a sit down with her mom. Meanwhile Kenya “Gone with the wind fabulous” Moore is moving into her new home, with the help of Miss Lawrence and some movers she gets herself situated to her new place and calls NeNe to give her the good news.

Cynthia and NeNe go shopping at a local produce store and Cynthia fills NeNe in on her daughter Noelle having a boyfriend. NeNe feels like Cynthia needs to be more of a mom than a girlfriend and is shocked that Cynthia is ok with that. We also see NeNe trying out some of the food and we learn that before she was a rich bitch she loved eating hot pockets and frozen pizza, who doesn't right?

Next Kandi greets her man Todd and the two sit down and eat and catch up. Kandi tells Todd what Mama Joyce has been saying about him, Todd tells Kandi she needs to resolve this ASAP and the two call Mama Joyce to invite her to a dinner date to discuss Mama Joyce’s concerns. Next Porsha, her mom and sister go looking at some condos to see if Porsha is ready to live on her own. Porsha realizes she is not 100% ready to be on her own especially during a divorce, she is happy living with her mom who cooks for her and spoils her during a tough time, I can’t blame her, hello rent free lol!

Cynthia and Peter meet Noelle’s boyfriend Arthur and his mother. Peter grills Arthur, despite him being nervous he eventually gains his respect for looking straight into his eyes when he talks to him, it doesn't mean he is off the hook. Peter leaves to work and the two love birds go outside while the moms have a sit down about the "boyfriends" situation. Cynthia and Arthur’s mom talk about their kids situation and both ladies seem to be on the same page which makes Cynthia happy.

Phaedra is with her study group enjoying the talks of the dead meanwhile her partner in crime Kandi and Todd meet with Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce let’s Todd have it and tells him she feels like he is not a provider which he disagrees with her. Mama Joyce also feels insulated that Kandi doesn't have photos of her since there’s pictures of Todd with his family. Mama Joyce brings up Kandi’s engagement and feels like Kandi only chose that ring because she knew that he couldn't afford an expensive one, Kandi can’t believe what her mom is saying and decides to go to the kitchen to bring out the dessert. Kandi and Todd don’t agree with Mama Joyce but Todd tells her that he is going to prove her wrong. Mama Joyce tells him that she has her eye on him and she has people watching him as well, can we say monster in law? 

Basically it was a boring episode, I’m surprised that we are seeing less of NeNe on these past couple of episodes and the only entertainment part of this episode was Mama Joyce. She is bringing it more than the actual housewives. What are your thoughts of the episode?  Tell us your thoughts below in the comment section!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo

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