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Recap: Mob Wives: New Blood - Episode 4: Vegas Part One

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, the ladies decide to take a girls trip to Las Vegas, there's still tension between Renee and Natalie regarding the delicious comment and Renee goes out of control, read the full recap below!

Renee along with her son AJ and his girlfriend Andrea go for dinner so they can meet Renee’s boyfriend Michael. There is one problem... he's late, and so far AJ is not impressed, Michael arrives and tells AJ what he does for a living which according to him he works with the world’s most famous rappers music videos. It’s time to order dinner and Michael tells them he is not going to eat since he has a dinner meeting after wards which upsets Renee.

Renee notices ever since the other night Michael has been acting distant towards her which she takes this opportunity to apologize for her behavior. Michael accepts it and tells her to get over it and move on which AJ agrees and pretty much says his mom can be a bit too much sometimes, Renee doesn't like it when AJ calls her out in front of people, say what you want but one this is for sure that she raised a wise young man.

Next all the ladies minus Natalie head to a golf resort for lunch and drinks. They all decide they need to have a girls trip since all of them are under so much stress. Drita is overwhelmed with her home renovation and is pissed that Lee won’t help out which is stressing her out, Renee is stressed with all the drama with Natalie, Alicia needs to know when and where they are going since she needs to seek permission from her parole officer since out on bail and her case is pending, Drita thinks that's very gangster of Alicia. 

All the ladies decide to go to Las Vegas. Alicia tells them that she also wants to invite Natalie and Renee is still angry at Natalie for saying that her boyfriend smelled delicious, I can see where Renee is coming from but at the same time she needs to get over it and move on, why make it bigger than what it really is but hey it makes good TV. 

Since Alicia has the passion for fashion, she gets the opportunity to showcase the clothes from her boutique at Philly's Fashion Week, Natalie is there to support her and the fashion show is a hit. Alicia and Natalie meet backstage for a drink and Alicia tells her about the girls trip to Las Vegas, Alicia lets Natalie know that Renee is also coming and that she is still angry with her and feels disrespected. Natalie says she is not going to apologize over the delicious comment anymore since she did it many times that night and Renee never gave her a chance, Natalie says she is happily in a relationship and is not attracted to Renee's boyfriend, she was just giving him a compliment. Natalie agrees to go to the trip says she is just going to ignore Renee, she is not going to let her ruin her trip.

It’s time to head to Las Vegas, Big Ang and Renee arrive to Las Vegas first, Renee seems out of it and it's because she had two xanax, anti-depressants plus a few cocktail drinks while she was on the plane, she seems combative and aggressive and Ang is worried. Natalie becomes the topic of conversation and Renee loses it and says she is ready to battle her and pretty much says she will drown her in the pool. Ang is very worried for Renee and prays for Drita to get there soon. A few hours later Ang's prayers come to reality as Drita arrives, Ang spills all the tea to her regarding Renee, Drita is surprised. Next Renee, Drita and Ang head out to the casino when Alicia and Natalie arrive. Alicia and Natalie then meet the other ladies for drinks.

To keep the peace and avoid drama between Renee and Natalie, Alicia gambles with Renee and Natalie gambles with Ang and Drita. Renee decides to leave back to the room and rest since she hasn't been sleeping lately. The rest of the ladies stay behind and gamble and watch Drita play blackjack which is Drita’s weakness. Drita gambles and loses 2K and she is pissed, the ladies decide to head back to the room and drink they soon realize that Renee is by the balcony in the pool drinking, they are completely worried for her safety since it’s apparent she under some influence aka medication, lack of sleep and alcohol.

The ladies go by the pool to check on Renee, Renee looks possessed and tells them she's ok but in reality she looks like she is so out of it, Renee makes it clear that she doesn't want Natalie near her and the episode ends there, next week things get heated in Vegas between Renee and Natalie, until next week!

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday nights at 10/9c only on VH1!

Photo Credit: VH1