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Recap: Mob Wives: New Blood - Episode 2: Caught On Tape

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, Natalie confronts Drita for talking behind her back, Drita faces off with a stalker. Alicia listens to her husband's wiretaps and discovers that he was keeping things from her which even involves Renee, Alicia confronts Renee about the situation. Read out recap below!

Renee vista Alicia's boutique in Phill, Renee thinks it’s the perfect place to sell her Mob Candy fashion line. Soon they talk about Alicia's husband Eddie, they talk about Alicia and Eddie's case and charges. Alicia talks about being arrested and the shame she felt when they placed the handcuffs on her, especially for her kids. She hopes she doesn't go to jail and Renee tells her everything is going to be ok.

Big Ang and Drita meet up for a mani and pedi and talk about Natalie’s behavior the other day. They mention they are concern with the fast friendship between Renee and Natalie, they feel that friendship seems off. Next Drita reveals to Ang that she's having problems at her store because she is having someone stalking her store and her employees. Drita says she is going to make sure to put a stop to it. Renee sents Drita and text and invites her and Ang for lunch along with Natalie, Ang decides not to go.

Natalie meets up with her boyfriend for dinner and talk about Drita and Ang. Natalie is still not happy that they both were talking about her. Natalie says she wants to confront Drita because she doesn't like when people talking behind her back and she doesn’t back down for no one.

Drita and Alicia meet up at the boardwalk and talk about their husbands. They compare how different their men are from their fathers and they realize they have so much things in common. Alicia is struggling with the betrayal of her husband with involving her in this situation and realizing who she thought she married wasn't the same man. Drita also confesses that she loves Lee but she doesn't trust him 100%.

Drita visits her Just Me Cosmetics store and one of her employee’s tells her that their stalker keeps coming over and that he showed up earlier day which pisses Drita off. Drita calls Lee and tells him what happened and Lee tells her to relax and to kick him out, Drita tells Lee that he might have to bail her out because she wants to crush him.

Next Natalie meets with Renee for lunch to talk about how Drita and Ang were talking about her. Natalie says she hates how people judge that's why she dates convicts. Renee tries to relax Natalie because she knows how Drita will react. Drita arrives and Natalie confronts Drita about talking behind her back. Natalie says she doesn't like the fact that they said she was drunk, Drita says she doesn't care if was drunk or not, they both clash and seems like nothing is getting resolved. Drita feels like crushing her head while Natalie says in her interview that she's from south Philly and no one is going to disrespect her. Let's see how this turns out!

Alicia listens to some of wiretaps that the Feds recorded Eddie's phone calls, she hopes to find evidence to fight her case to avoid jail time. Alicia's brother shows up and Alicia tells him how she feels about the case and her husband Eddie. While listening to the wiretaps, Alicia finds out that her husband lied to her, and finds out her husband was talking to women, the fact that her husband was possibly living a double life makes her feel betrayed and like a fool, my heart goes out to her, hope she avoids jail time.

Drita goes over Ang's house and Renee is there to discuss about, you guessed it Natalie. Renee and Drita fills Ang what went down during lunch the other day. Ang gets mad and is fed up with Natalie drama and calls her a train neck. Renee says Natalie is kind of like her and hopes they give her another chance because Renee doesn't want drama between her New York girls and Philly girls. Next Renee drives to Philly to see Natalie and talks to her about her meeting with Ang and Drita. Natalie says if she wants to get drunk, she will do it and doesn't want them to pass judgment on her. Renee quickly tells her that if she is going to work with her she needs to move on and let it go and Natalie decides to move forward and is willing to start over with Drita and Ang.

Alicia calls Natalie over since she is stressed and angry after finding out some things about her husband through the wiretaps, she learned that her husband was hanging out with his ex girlfriend Carla Moreno which is Renee's close friend. Alicia is pissed because she thought that her husband dropped his friendship with Carla when he got with her, Alicia also discovers through the wiretaps that Renee was aware of this and also that she meet with both them for lunch while Alicia was at home 8 months pregnant. Drita decides to install a security system at her store due to the stalker situation, when the stalker actually shows up at her store and Drita confronts him and he runs away like a bat out of hell, it was quite funny actually.

Alicia shows up at Renee's house and decides to confront her. Alicia tells her that she's been listening to 5 years of wiretaps, she tells her that she listed to her husband talking to Carla Moreno which is Renee's friend and that even Renee’s name was brought up at one point. Alicia is pissed because her husband ditched meeting her for dinner because he was supposedly working while he lied to her and meet Carla and Renee for Chinese food while she was 8 months preganut. Alicia wants to know if there was more than a friendship between Eddie and Carla which Renee says it was only a friendship however during her interview, Renee says she is not a rat which makes it seems that there’s more to this story. Guess we are going to have to find out on next week’s episode, until then!

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday nights at 10/9c only on VH1!

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