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Recap - Mob Wives: New Blood - Episode 1: Season Premiere

The season premiere of the fourth season of Mob Wives started with the obvious, cast changes. Since the departure of veteran Mob Wives stars Karen, Carla, Ramona and Season 3 newbie Love, the show came back with a new title which is now called Mob Wives: New Blood. With the return of Drita, Renee and Big Ang, the show title is self explanatory; new blood means new cast members which means new drama. The show welcomes new cast members Alicia and Natalie who are from Philadelphia. With that out of the way, this week on Mob Wives: New Blood we see what Renee, Big Ang, and Drita have been up too since Season 3 and we get introduced to the new blood which are Alicia and Natalie. Read our full recap below!

The episode starts off with Renee Graziano, A.J. is back from Florida since his job felt through, Renee is happy to have to her son back, and if that wasn't enough Renee is happy to announce that her father is coming out from prison very soon. Next Renee calls up Big Ang they talk about an upcoming costume party that Renee’s friend Alicia is throwing in Philadelphia. Big Ang is relieved and glad to be back in Staten Island since her Miami trip was stressful for her dealing with the opening and the drama that went down in Miami Monkey. Drita is happy to announce that Lee is still in her life and they are all happily in love celebrating and enjoying being a family.

Big Ang, Renee and Drita head over to Philly for Alicia’s Gatsby themed costume party. Now we’re introduced to Alicia DiMichael, one of the new cast members’ aka new blood. Renee and Big Ang know Alicia due to her husband, they all grew up with her husband. Alicia’s husband is currently serving time for some charges that I really don’t want to get into but the crazy part is that she might also be charged, and she may have to serve time if she is proven guilty (correct me if I’m wrong, but I was more distracted with her fierce costume). I must say Alicia is stunning and I love her exotic look, did I mentioned that I love her costume look?

Drita finally meets Alicia and they seem to hit it off. The next day Renee, Drita and Big Ang sit around and catch up when Big Ang announces that her husband Neal wants to have a baby boy, so basically Big Ang wants to have a baby. Drita and Renee are beyond shocked. Due to Big Ang age, she is planning having the baby via surrogate.

Renee is getting ready for the launch of her clothing and shoe line called Mob Candy and since the launch party is in only a few days away she needs to find the model who will be the face of the brand. Renee invites Alicia over to help her find the perfect model, the casting ends in a disaster since Renee can’t find the right person when Alicia recommends her friend Natalie.

Drita calls Lee and lets him know that on of their daughters is being bullied at school by a group of girls. Lee flips out and says that their daughter needs to physically attack this bully. While I don’t condone violence I can understand the anger by Lee, he loves his daughter and when someone messes with your loved ones it’s on. Drita tells Lee that the school systems has changed a lot since their days in school and attacking your bully is not the answer, seems like anger management did helped Drita (sarcasm, all in good fun).

Alicia is in NYC since she went to visit her husband in prison. Alicia meets up with Drita and Big Ang, Alicia tells the girls the history of her and her husband to the girls when the subject of her father in law’s death is brought up. Alicia reveals that the person who murdered her father in law was none other than Sammy “The Bulldog” who is Karen’s father. Drita is beyond god smacked shocked while Big Ang looks like she was familiar with this. Alicia doesn't agree with Karen being proud of her father since in her words he was a murderer, she doesn't approve of it and Drita and Big Ang are just glad that Karen is in Arizona because they know that there will be war. Alicia makes it clear that she does not wish to be around or near Karen.

It’s America’s Next Top Model or is it America’s Next Mob Model? Whatever you want to call it, Natalie is all dressed up and looking fierce doing a photo shoot for Renee’s Mob Candy fashion line and Renee is happy with the results. Alicia calls Natalie and mini Renee, and by the looks of it I can see why, she is not afraid to speak her mind, she’s straight forward and she’s fun (so far so good).

Alicia then visits Renee and talks to her about the connection she has with Karen and Renee let’s Alicia know very quick that that’s an issue between Alicia and Karen’s family, not hers therefore she will keep her friendship with Karen and Alicia has to deal with it pretty much, which is fair and I agree with Renee.

Renee organized a luncheon with Big Ang and Drita to meet the face of her fashion line which is Natalie but for some reason Renee is unable to attend. Big Ang and Drita arrive and first impressions are everything, but Natalie seems not worried and has no problem being herself. Drita thinks Natalie is hot, Natalie starts up the luncheon with two lemon drops and a cranberry and vodka, that alone I know I’m going to love her, cocktails, cursing and a good time? Count me in please! By the looks of it Natalie seems to be talking gibberish or she’s too buzzed or it's editing? I dunno! Natalie reaches over Big Ang’s plate and eats a meatball which turns off Drita and Ang. After Natalie goes to the restroom, Drita and Ang decide its check out time.

It’s time for the Mob Candy launch party and everything seems to go well, Natalie is introduced to the runway and she works it when she’s about to walk off, she trips but manages to recovery quickly. Dirta and Ang talk with Alicia regarding their first impression of Natalie and her “behavior” but they don’t notice that Natalie is behind them listening to them which upsets her. Overall Renee’s Mob Candy is a candylicious success and the episode ends there.

What were your thoughts on the premiere episode? Did you miss Carla, Karen, Ramona and Love? What are your thoughts on Alicia and Natalie? Tell us your thoughts below!

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday nights at 10/9c only on VH1.

Photo Credit: VH1