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Mob Wives Sneak Peek Preview: Las Vegas Fight Between Renee vs. Natalie!

Watch a sneak peek preview of Mob Wives: New Blood, Episode 5 below!

The ladies are still in Las Vegas and Renee still can't get over the delicious comment that Natalie made regarding her boyfriend's cologne and is making her more angry the more she thinks about it. Drita refuses to let this situation ruin her trip and has had enough and decides to get Natalie to clear the tension between Natalie and Renee. Drita sits down with Natalie and and the two have a talk and clear their issues and move on, Natalie heads over the table where all the girls are at and a fight breaks between Renee and Natalie, watch a sneak peek preview below!

Mob Wives: New Blood airs Thursday night at 10/9 c only on VH1! 

Photo/Video Credit: VH1