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RHOM Season 3 Reunion Special Sneak Peek - Adriana Suggests Romain Is Gay, Joanna Fights Back!

Bravo released a sneak peek preview of what we can expect for the upcoming reunion special for the third season of The  Real Housewives of Miami, Andy Cohen asks Lisa if she knows why Joanna and Romain are having trouble having sex, Lisa thinks Joanna emasculates him when Adriana suggests that maybe Romian might be gay, that's when Joanna fights back and Joanna and Adriana go at it.

Adriana calls out Joanna of the rumors of Joanna having an affair with Yolanda Foster's ex husband, while Joanna denies the accusation, Joanna makes a phone call to her husband Romian and tells him what Adriana said, Romain responds to Adriana that she says that because she wants him and Adriana reacts by saying she doesn't want a "limp penis" she likes them "hard". Joanna then says that she will never make up with Adriana ever again and calls her a witch. Watch the sneak peek preview of the Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion Special below!

What are your thoughts? Are you Team Adriana or Team Joanna? Tell us your thoughts below!

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Reunion - Part 1 airs Monday at 10/9c only on Bravo!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo