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Video: RHOM Stars Share Plastic Surgery Horror Stories!

We all know the Real Housewives stars are no strangers to plastic surgery, but who has had what type of work in The Real Housewives of Miami? The ladies from the hottest city aren't holding back as they open up about their best and worst plastic surgery experiences in a exclusive video clip, watch it and read more about this below!

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Joanna Krupa admitted she got her first of two boob jobs at 18. "In high school, Pamela Anderson was my idol, so I had my boobs done," she says, but quickly adds, "That was my biggest regret." That's because Joanna's implants were so big, she was warned they would ruin her burgeoning modeling career (One client even told her "You're going to be a stripper!") So she had smaller silicone implants put in. "[My husband] Romain, when he first met me, had no idea I'd had a boob job," she says proudly.
Adriana De Moura got breast implants after she finished nursing her son. "After I stopped breastfeeding, I had nothing. It was like a bone and a hanging nipple," she confessed, eliciting squeals from her castmates. "I'm happy—I don’t regret it."
Lisa Hochstein is also happy she got implants. "I like big boobs. I feel sexy," she says. "I was so flat-chested [before], which is why I think I really like having a big chest [now]."
Alexia Echevarria's biggest regret was letting a plastic surgeon ex talk her into a nose job more than 20 years ago. "He's like, 'Oh your nose is just a little bit fat on the sides, so if you would let me, I would just tweak it a little bit and make it a little bit thinner,'" she shared. But her nose got thinner as she aged and after her son Frankie told her "Mom, you have a Michael Jackson nose,'" she got fillers to plump it up. Now, she says "I'm super happy with it."
Marysol Patton takes the cake for the worst plastic surgery experience. "There wasn’t one surgery—there were six!" she admitted. "Unfortunately, I had really big breasts in a time where big breasts weren’t popular," she explained. She was left with "massive scars" after a breast-reduction surgery, and then "they grew back!" Another surgery left her so flat that she had implants put in, but one migrated to her shoulder. After more surgery, "then one popped!" she laments.


What are you thoughts? Are you surprised by their plastic surgery confessions?
The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo
Video/Photo Credit: Bravo