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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 Reunion Part 2 - Episode 20

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has finally come to an end, there was more screams, more talks about Teresa's legal trouble and more he said she said BS. Read our RHONJ part 2 Reunion recap below!

Let me first start off with saying this reunion special has to be the worst housewives reunion special ever in my opinion. Pretty much Andy decided to do a sequel to the Watch What Happens Live One on One Special with the Giudices to talk about their legal problems once again and at this point we know we are not going to get any answers so why bring this up? SMH

As usual RHONJ always has to continue having the Joe’s on stage as well as Rosie, Bravo really need to make Joe Gorga an actual housewife since he is so damn involved in the drama more than the actual housewives, I found it hilarious that he says he is not in this for fame, but if he isn’t then why would you join the a reality show then? Just saying! Don’t get me wrong I love Rosie just as much as the next person but why is she really there? I get her appearance on Part 1 but there was no need to keep her on the second part of the reunion. Last time I checked the actual real housewife is her sister Kathy Wakile but I guess the canolli story line can only take you so far that you need your sister to take over your story line, sad but true. I love Kathy Wakile though!

Joe Gorga revealed that he has gone into depression since finding out about Teresa’s legal troubles. Melissa got teary and said she is worried about her nieces and for the family, do I believe her? Yes and No! I don’t believe it because she wants to make it about herself but I do believe she is worried for her nieces, just my thought. Jacqueline however seemed more genuine, she got teary and she says she is very worried about Teresa and she also commends her for being strong.

Teresa admits that she is aware of her legal troubles and she is scared, she says she’s human but she can’t break down or else her whole family will, she goes on saying that she has to be strong for her daughters and I can see where she is coming from. Andy Cohen continues to ask the Gorga’s if the Giudices do end up in jail will they take care of their nieces, they reply if that’s what Teresa and Joe want of course they will. My question is why does Bravo continues to exploit and talk about Teresa’s legal troubles? (I just rolled my eyes)

The reunion ends with Caroline and Teresa going at it. Teresa says Caroline hurt her feeling for calling her superficial and this is pretty much the only interesting dramatic part of the reunion. Teresa then goes on saying as soon as Caroline says something about her everyone else follows  which we see as Melissa gives her two cents in it. Jacqueline is the only one who actually sides with Teresa during this reunion which is nice to see. And my questions of the day is… WTF did Andy waste our times by bringing up the Arizona trip? That trip was the most boring part of the whole season IMO but then again the whole season itself was bad.

Enclosing the reunion special was a waste of time and there was nothing really special about it, it was a total disappointment. I am so gald that this season is over because I have been so over it. What were your thoughts on the reunion? Did you enjoy this season? Tell us your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Bravo