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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 Reunion Part 1 - Episode 19

Even thought this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended on a good note, the reunion starts off with something we were already expecting… the feud between the Giudices and the Gorgas continues. Read our “recap” below!

Before I begin everyone knows that halfway through this season I pretty much gave up recapping this season since I was beyond over the family drama between the Gorgas and the Giudices, I got tired of seeing this endless and ridiculous feud. For three damn seasons it’s the same damn storyline, also Bravo’s editing this season of RHONJ was beyond awful, it was worst than what Slice did to the second season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. The Teresa blame game got old quick, Bravo really made this season of RHONJ uninteresting, predicable, and in MY OPINION not enjoyable to watch. That being said I will only recap on what in my opinion I feel were the best moments from this part 1 reunion special.

The reunion starts off with Andy Cohen throwing shade once again and this time asking Teresa about her current legal troubles. Andy asks Teresa if any of her cast mates been supported of her, and she answers yes. Andy then brings up the rumors if Caroline’s husband Albert cheating on her. Caroline goes on saying that she never said Albert cheated but she is just being realistic, she says to think that he has been faithful all this time it’s not realistic, ok now I’m confused, so did he or didn't he cheat Caroline? Anyways Andy then asks Teresa if she thinks her husband has been faithful and Teresa answers yes, Andy as always throwing shade and especially on Teresa. Caroline says that out of all her cast mates the housewives that that have grown the least through out past seasons are Teresa and Melissa since they are both alike. Melissa quickly gets offended by Caroline’s comment. Why am I not surprised by this?

Andy Cohen then brings up how Melissa wrote about her father in her book, Andy then asks Teresa if she knew that Melissa’s father was unfaithful, Teresa says she was shocked to know that Melissa decided not to share that with her when she saw it on TV considering she is family. Melissa says that it’s none of Melissa’s business but then quickly Teresa tells her if it doesn't matter then why put it out there for all the viewers to know, which she has a very good point.

Andy then shows a clip of Melissa throwing shade at Teresa saying that she is actually writing an advice book and not a cookbook, Teresa then defends herself and tells her she wrote her book at well not just recipes and feels like Teresa was throwing a dig at her, Side note: Who has made it to the New York Best Sellers List? You’re welcome, nuff said! Caroline then shouts like she is in the Godfather Part 2 and says “Who Cares?” but looks like Teresa and Melissa care, I mean no one brings the fact that Dina and her have issues so Caroline needs to back off on this one, is Teresa and Melissa petty? At times yes, but Caroline who cares about you have to say at this point, I may sounds like a sour puss but I am over this season that’s all!

Andy then brings up the fact that Teresa was seen at a Sushi restaurant with Kim D and Melissa’s former BFF, Jan. Teresa explains that she and Kim D were having lunch and Jan was there but not with them, she just happened to be there. Apparently a photo of them was sent to Melissa’s cell phone which is why Melissa confronted Teresa and then it ended up showing up on Radar Online the next day. Teresa states that Melissa has a deal with Radar that she will give them stories about Teresa as long as they don’t talk about her, can we say Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 flashback?

Andy asks Jacqueline about her surgeries, Jacqueline honestly replies back she had a tummy tuck, nose job, breasts done and of course the Real Housewives medicine aka botox and fillers. Andy then asks Jacqueline if Dina has reached out to her about Nicholas autism, after a moment of silence Jac replies no. Also Andy asks Jacqueline who has she missed more? Teresa or Dina? Jacqueline responds is Teresa because she was closer to her and they are both happy trying to fix their issues.

Teresa calls out Melissa for suggestion that her husband was cheating on her and Melissa instead of moving forward replies by saying “Do you see how if feels?” last time I checked Regina George from Mean Girls wasn’t on a reality show but I digress. It’s clear to me that Melissa is playing her “role” very well but 3 seasons later I’m over the victimized rile, next please. Melissa gets called out for allowing her sisters to attack Teresa constantly on Twitter and Melissa and Joe Gorga try to justify it by saying that they are defending their sister and Teresa tells Joey Gorga aka Tarzan aka The sixth cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that she is his sister and he should defend her but nothing comes out of this, sad but true. I guess fame and playing a role is more important than actually family.

Speeding this recap up, Kathy defends her husbands idiotic offensive comments and then Kathy and Rosie say it’s ok if Richie grabbed Rosie’s breast their family, and then to prove a point Rosie grabs Joey Gorga’s crotch and says he has a big one, can we say EWWWW! They also talk about the fight between the Joe’s and we learn than Joey Gorga did in fact grabbed Juicy Joe’s balls and they both laugh it off cause apparently that’s how you discover how much you love your family by physically fighting.

They talk about the pictures circulating of Teresa and Penny together. Teresa defends herself by saying that she doesn't know Penny and those were taken at an event, let's keep it real, everyone that has attended an event or book signing of Teresa knows that she will take photos with anyone, so why do they all act surprised by this? Really?

Dr. V shows up for apparently an intervention or a therapy session but it looks like these people are not willing to change, and they plan to stick to their “roles’ for air time. I have to say Juicy Joe was the only one who didn't give a F while being there and I’m with him on this one, the reunion ends with Caroline and Teresa going at it. Basically this reunion was beyond boring, I felt like it was a remake of Season 3 and Season 4 put together but whatever, it is what it is.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo