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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 9: Birkin Buddies

This week on The Real Housewives of Miami, the sex therapy continues for Joanna and Romain. Romain opens up about his childhood, while Lisa plays referee and defends Lea from Marysol and Ana at Alexia's birthday party. Read our recap below!

The episode starts off with Joanna and Romain getting dinner ready for Lisa’s arrival. Romain comes across a wall calendar that Joanna created their sex schedule as told by their sex therapist. Even thought their sex therapist suggested them to have sex at least once a week but Joanna decided to write on it for every single day of the month, Joanna sure is horny isn't she? Lol

Alexia arrives at her Venue Magazine office where her employees wished her Happy Birthday then Marysol arrives with a gift and both of them go to Alexia’s office for some girl time. They discuss the topic of Adriana’s wedding invitation or should I say e-vite, apparently Adriana decided to email her wedding invitations instead and dress code instructions, Alexia and Marysol were baffled by this and decide to confront Adriana regarding this.

Lisa arrives at Joanna’s house for some girl talk, some sushi for dinner and lots and lots of wine. Lisa comes across Romain and Joanna’s sex calendar schedule and decides to take the role of their sex therapist. Romain leaves the two alone for girl time and then Joanna surprises Lisa and tells her she wants her to be one of her bridesmaid. Soon after many glasses of wine, the two are tipsy and put on a show for Romain as the two blondes dry hump one another to reenact of what Romain and Joanna should really be doing.

Next Lea pays Lisa a visit with an interesting and very expensive gift, yup it’s every girls dream, a Birkin bag which cost $10,000.00. Lea tells Lisa that she is planning to visit her family over in Texas and she would like Lisa to join her, Lisa accepts the invite.

Lauren Foster invites Marysol and Adriana for IV Cocktails, apparently this exist and all I can say is I want to participate. The ladies enjoy a glass of chardonnay and Marysol decides to talk to Adriana regarding the dress code situation of her wedding and Adriana says it’s her wedding and that’s how she wants it, Marysol gives in and they continue to cheers away.

Alexia visits Lea at her office where Lea plugs in her skincare line and gifts it to Alexia as a birthday present. Alexis then tells Lea that Marysol is hurt with her for not visiting Mama Elsa, Lea says it’s not true, she has tried to reach out to her and has sent cards and flowers to prove it, Alexia says she has heard differently.

Joanna and Romain go to sex therapy and they mention their role play homework assignment was a big fail. Romain says he loves Joanna and not someone else as she was pretending to be which turned him off. Then the sex therapy gets personal as they start talking about Romain’s tough childhood. We learn that Romain was raised by his father and till this day he still doesn't know why his biological mom didn't get custody of him. Romain also opens up and saying him and his younger brother suffered abuse from their stepmother and wow all I can say is what a very dark and impacted story, my heart went out to him and his brother. Basically Romain never had a mother figure which this can be the result as to why he is more emotional and sensitive that Joanna, even Joanna was taken by his story and she reassures her love her him even more.

Adriana’s big wedding is a only a week away and Adriana feels like her fiancé/husband Frederic needs a little touch up to look more fresh, so she makes him get botox. Next it’s Alexia’s big day and they celebrate her birthday party, however she refuses to tell us her real age but either way Happy Birthday Alexia! Lisa tells Adriana that she will also be Joanna’s bridesmaid, at first Adriana is taken back but they both get over soon as Adriana feels that Joanna is having her sloppy seconds.

Marysol and Lea come face to face at Alexia’s birthday party and Marysol takes this opportunity to confront Lea for not visiting her mother in the hospital. Lea denies this and tells Marysol that she has tried to reach her, they both disagree. Marysol goes back to the girls and tells them she is over Lea when Lea decides to leave, Lisa follows her trying to stop from leaving when Marysol arrives and it's Round 2 of Lea vs. Marysol. Lea tells Marysol that she loves Elsa and that she sent flowers and card but Marysol says they never received anything. Lisa tries to calm the situation, and then Ana arrives to support Marysol. Lea feels attacked and decides to leave.

Then Lisa and Marysol go at it because Lisa feels like Marysol is attacking Lea. Marysol tells Lisa to butt out, and tells her it’s none of her business. Marysol storms off and then Lisa and Ana go at it and Lisa questions why is Ana even getting involved and the episode ends.

Next week its Adriana’s big wedding day and Adriana goes all bridezilla at everyone.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo

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