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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 8: Mama Elsa Comes Home

This week on The Real Housewives of Miami, the unthinkable occurred. Joanna and Adriana decided to call it truce, our beloved Mama Elsa finally returns, Joanna and Romain try to spice up their sex life and a bachelorette party ends with a wedding dress going up in flames, read our recap below!

Between name calling, a bitch slap and many angry tweets towards once another, Joanna and Adriana along with their fiancés meet for lunch for a double date and decided to make amends. Having already the stress of planning a wedding they wanted to start fresh and not continue this ridiculous feud, will this peace offering last? Something tells me on the reunion they won’t be amicable towards each other, but time will tell.

We learn that Lisa is not the only one who is into plastic surgery; Lisa’s husband ended up getting liposuction with the encouragement from his wife. Did he really need it? Perhaps not, but hey if it makes him feel good and he can afford it, I say go for it. Lenny is recuperating and like most men, he is a big baby since he is not tolerant to pain and Lisa becomes his nurse and helps him recuperate. Love these two!

Joanna visits her sex therapist this time Romain comes along for the session. Romain says he has a lot of stress and is always tired and Joanna just wants him to find a hole for you know what lol. My question is, isn’t Joanna living bicoastal and lives part time in LA? So because of that shouldn’t they have a more intense sex life? Any who, their sex therapist gives them assignments to role play and to meet at a bar and pretend they’re strangers to pick each other up to have sex, let’s see how this turns out.

We finally get introduced to Marysol’s father and we learn that him and Mama Elsa are now divorced. Marysol and her father talk about Mama Elsa’s health condition and Marysol then gets emotional while going through a photo album of Mama Elsa’s happier times, her father consoles her and both wait for Mama Elsa hospital release.

Alexia is having a hard time dealing with her older son Peter. We learned that the near death accident of his brother Frankie really affected Peter which he built up anger which resulted of making bad choices. Alexia takes Peter to a ball park where he used to play baseball as a kid. Alexia opens up to Peter about her past with his father and states that her situation at the time was very dark especially since his father was a felon. Alexia breaks down and tells Peter that she even thought of suicide and everything she did for her him and Frankie was to protect them. Peter breaks down and cries along with his mother, it must be hard for Alexia to deal with past emotions that she locked up and at the same time dealing with the recovery of Frankie and now Peter, kudos to Alexia.

The moment that everyone was waiting for, Mama Elsa finally made it back to our RHOM TV screens. Feeling still under the weather and recuperating, Mama Elsa and Marysol have a mother and daughter moment as usual and Marysol fills her mom on the status of Adriana’s wedding. Mama Elsa lost weight and looks healthier, however Marysol says that it’s going to take time for her to fully recover. I am just finally happy to see Mama Elsa back on RHOM, to me she is the reason why we all tune in to RHOM!

It’s role play time and Joanna and Romain meet at a bar, Joanna’s role is Natasha, a Russian ballerina who has short brunette hair and I have to say she looks amazingly hot. Romain pretends to be a pilot and they go to the room trying to bring sexy back, Joanna becomes too dominatrix which seems to turn off Romain. At the end of the day the whole role play exercise was a big fail, poor Joanna.

Marysol plans Adriana a bachelorette party, the guest consist of Lisa, Alexia, Lauren Foster and of course Adriana. This is not an ordinary bachelorette party, seems more like tea time in my opinion, there’s no sex games, no strippers, not that many wild girls, can someone please send Tamra, Gretchen and Vicki from the RHOC to spice this bachelorette up please. Even the guest find it boring however Adriana then pulls out her original wedding dress from her wedding or not original wedding to do some cleansing. All the girls go outside and Adriana puts the dress on fire to let the bad experiences, trauma and bad energy from her first wedding behind her to start fresh.

Next week it looks like Marysol and Lea face off and Lisa once again tries to be the peacemaker and somehow gets herself put in the middle of that drama.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday night at 10/pc only on Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo