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Recap: I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding - Episode 3: Bridesmaidzillas Stampede

Between family drama, bridesmaids gone cray cray, a wedding planner fails to impress NeNe and much more occurred during this episode of I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding, read our recap below!

The episode continues with NeNe talking with Gregg and his kids from his first marriage. NeNe refuses to be blamed for the relationship between Gregg and his kids. Gregg thinks that NeNe suggestion for this therapy session makes it harder to him to open up with his kids. NeNe just wants to take responsibility for not being there for his kids, to fix it and be able to move on.

Gregg’s only daughter takes the initiative and opens up to her father saying that he was never there emotionally for her and her brothers and NeNe sees her pain and relates her. NeNe also had a similar situation and tells her she completely understands her. Gregg gets emotional and promises to be a better father and promises to be there more for all of his children. Everyone seems to be on the same page and now NeNe can focus back on planning her wedding.

NeNe books her location for her wedding and I have to say it’s very whimsical, the landscaping alone is beautiful. Next NeNe and Greg meet face to face with their wedding planner Tiffany, who was Porsha and Kordell’s wedding planner, nuff said. NeNe is worried that Tiffany doesn't sees her vision, Tiffany promises her she will turn it out due to her experience with athlete’s weddings, however NeNe wants an over the top fabulous wedding, after all she is not an athlete wife, these two clearly have no connection, something tells there’s going to be trouble between the two.

NeNe along with her Atlanta bridesmaids head to LA for wedding dress shopping and also to meet up with her LA bridesmaids. Cynthia couldn't attend due to her modeling, but was there in spirit. NeNe is happy to try on her custom made Baracci wedding dress which is still not finished; it’s going to be all blinged out with diamonds, jewels and lots of beddings. Marlo on the other hand is more interested in the man behind the dress and she flirts with him, apparently she loves older white men.

Back in Atlanta, Gregg spends time with his younger son Brentt by playing basketball. Gregg asks Brentt if he likes his mother being a Celebrity mom and he answers no. He misses her and even goes on by saying that she doesn’t even cook anymore and misses her cooking and spending time with her. Gregg tells him that is the price of having a celebrity mom and no matter what he was two parents that love him unconditionally.

Back in LA, NeNe is getting her make up ready when one of her bridesmaids Lexis talks to her about NeNe’s friend and also bridesmaid Diana. She feels like Diana wants NeNe all to herself and may not have the best interest for her, NeNe is taken by this and will soon get to the bottom of this.

NeNe takes her bridesmaids to Hollywood hot spot Mr. Chows to have a bonding time with the girls and of course to eat. During dinner NeNe finds this the perfect opportunity to bring up Lexis concerns about Diana and the battle of the bridesmaids starts.

Diana and Lexis go after one another but Lexis tells her she feels like she is territorial and wants NeNe all to herself, things get worst when Marlo joins in the conversation and it’s been clear that Diana and Marlo don’t get along but looks like things are going to get worst now. Diana accuses Marlo of riding on NeNe’s coattails and says she opens her legs for money, Marlo fires back and accuses Diana of infidelity, so much for getting along right?

NeNe regrets confronting Diana on what Lexis has said since the bridemaids war has taken over. After a few more arguments the bridesmaids agree that they may all not get along but one thing they can sure agree this wedding is all about NeNe.

I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo