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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Cristy Rice!

I recently had to opportunity to interview one of the original Real Housewives of Miami stars, Cristy Rice! The Cuban bombshell talks to us exclusively about her businesses, Cuban Rice swimwear line and yes even Real Housewives of Miami! Cristy talks to us about her current relationship with her former co stars, love life and her thoughts on the whole Lea vs. Adriana and much more. Read our Exclusive Interview with Cristy Rice below!

iRH: Hola Cristy! How were you originally approached to join Bravo's “The Real Housewives of Miami”?

Cristy: I was approached by the producers when they first started scouting in Miami.

iRH: Did you know any of the ladies prior of filming?

Cristy: Yes, I knew Lea, Marysol, Larsa, and had met Alexia a few times because of mutual friends. I did not know Adriana.

iRH: How would you describe your experience being part of “The Real Housewives of Miami”?

Cristy: I would say that it was a good experience. I am a person who loves diversity and change (hence my gemini sign:) and doing that show was something new and a change from my routine at the time.

iRH: Were you a fan of the “The Real Housewives” franchise before joining the show?

Cristy: I do not watch much TV at all and I had actually never seen a RH show until after I was chosen to be on it.

iRH: We all know editing plays a big factor on reality shows. Were you satisfied how you were portrayed on the show?

Cristy: Editing is huge. My ex-husband and I decided not to have our kids filmed on the show so for starters I went in without my full package. With that being said I agreed to do the show so that I can showcase my business and to my disappointment - they never really showed any of my business and portrayed me as some single girl that just goes out and parties….

iRH: You stated this before that you were disappointed that Bravo never aired footage of you working on your clothing store Bri Bri Boutique. What inspired you to open up you're own clothing boutique?

Cristy: I have always worked in the fashion industry since I was 16. I have been on both the retail and the wholesale side of the business as well as manufacturing. Fashion is art and change- two things I love.

iRH: Is there a reason behind naming your boutique “Bri Bri”?

Cristy: Yes, I opened my boutique when my daughter Brianna aka Bri Bri was just 2 years old. It was a high end children's boutique and she was the face of the logo etc. Today she is the face of my swimwear line, Cuban Rice with me.

iRH: I want to commend you on the merchandise prices of the boutique; the prices affordable, which is great, especially in this economy. What this the intention from the beginning?

Cristy: I actually began the boutique as high end children's clothing and catered to many of the NBA moms like myself but when the economy took a really bad turn for the worst in 2007-2008 I decided to add women's and create the concept of "get the look for less" with trendy clothes but not major designer brands….

iRH: Are all the accessories and clothing on your boutique designed by you or do you collaborate with other designers?

Cristy: NO, at Bri Bri boutique as I mention before we carry all different designers but at very affordable prices.

iRH: Speaking of designing, you have a bikini line Cuban Rice. What inspired you to create this line?

Cristy: My bikini line is called Cuban Rice and it is becoming my full time baby. I started off with accessories, jewelry, coverups and now bikinis and….. I was inspired by the fact that I am always at the beach and I live in Miami. I grew up close to the water and I really enjoy creating each and everyone of my suits.

iRH: Would you say the style of “Miami” has a major influence on Cuban Rice swim ware?

Cristy: Totally, that and my Cuban heritage.

iRH: How many different styles of bikinis does the line consist of?

Cristy: You can check them out at

iRH: Is the bikini line for all shapes and sizes?

Cristy: I have different styles for all body types and every season we grow a bit more and more.

iRH: During Season 1 of RHOM, there was friction between you and Lea Black and Adriana. Are you in good terms with both of them now?

Cristy: Lea and I talk every once in a while and she has apologized plenty of times for all the BS she created in Season 1. Adriana is the type of person that I never care to be associated with and from the looks of it neither do any of the girls. Time tells all :)

iRH: Do you have any regrets doing RHOM? Would you go back if they asked you back?

Cristy: I do not regret much in life - I believe that every day is a surprise and we must learn the lessons in order to grow in life. I did not really care for the cattiness of the girls and all the gossip etc. If I ever went back it would be only to share my fabulous bikinis and the making of with the world. However, I would not change my way of reacting to all the nonsense- which is mind over matter- you know the rest.

iRH: Everyone wants to know, why didn't you return back to RHOM after Season 1?

Cristy: After I saw how shallow some of the girls could be and the extents they would go to just for 5 seconds of fame at the reunion show I decided I wanted no part of that. The way they edited also had a lot to do with my decision.

iRH: Do you keep in touch with any of your former cast members (Lea, Adriana, Marysol, Alexia or Larsa)?

Cristy: Lea.

iRH: What are your thoughts on the new season of RHOM? Are you surprised to see Lea vs Adriana?

Cristy: I am not surprised at all. I do not watch much TV but I have tried to keep up with the girls. All I can say is that "Karma is a bigger b@tch than I can ever be"

iRH: How's your love life? Single? Dating?

Cristy: I am single.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Cristy: Thank you for the ongoing love and support that I still receive from them daily… I try my best to read and respond or update my life on my social media… xoxoxo

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