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Are The RHOV Filming Season 3? Mary Zilba Responds!

It was reported many months ago that the The Real Housewives of Vancouver was going to be on "hiatus" after Season 2 aired on Slice, but now that the show is airing in the UK and in Australia with much success, everyone is wondering, will there be a Season 3? Our friends over at All About RHOV wrote an article about the possibilities of RHOV filming Season 3 (click here to read the article) and quickly Mary Zilba responded to the article and look what she say below!

Mary Zilba writes: 

"Sorry to burst the bubble honey, but I don't associate with any of those women at all. I am going to London on business for my Make-up line, yoga line and a charity event I will be holding there. There is no season 3 at the moment and I have heard nothing indicating that it is even in the works as of yet. Hope this cleared things up a bit xo"

Update - Mary Zilba wrote to us the following comment
"Just want to make one revision on what I wrote earlier: I am close friends with Robin and Christina and I also keep in touch on a regular basis ;)"

This breaks my heart, hopefully Slice and Lark Productions get their act together soon and resurrect The Real Housewives of Vancouver! All I can say is many fans (aka me) were left unhappy after Season 2, first no reunion special, secondly there has not been a DVD release of neither Season 1 and Season 2 yet, WTF?! Hopefully we will get to see them back in our TV screens soon.

PS: I still think Bravo needs to air The Real Housewives of Vancouver here in the USA, after all they are my favorite Real Housewives! 

Would you like to see a Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver? Which RHOV star would you like to see return? Which RHOV star would you like not to come back? Tell us your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Slice, Edited by: iRealHousewives