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Recap: Tamra's OC Wedding Episode 3 - Tamra and Eddie's Big OC Wedding

Tamra and Eddie's big day is here, it's wedding time. Between wardrobe changes, moonshine, RHOC ladies, a stunning wedding reception and many tears, let's break down the season finale of Tamra's OC Wedding. Read our recap below! 

Ricky, who is Tamra’s man of honor and Julius Michael take Tamra for her first bikini wax which ends up with so many screams and laughter. Sooner after Tamra meets up with her soon to be husband Eddie for the rehearsal dinner. Tamra gets nervous when her brother insists on drinking Moonshine at the wedding but he turns things around when he gives her his full blessing with Eddie. The two apologize to each other and promise to repair their relationship. It’s so nice to see them in such a good place especially before the wedding.

The big day has finally arrived and it’s time for Tamra’s OC Wedding! As the women get ready together and they try to keep their emotions in check but honestly, who can especially on an emotional day. As the ladies are getting ready over at the men’s it’s no different, Eddie is practicing his vows.

The setting is absolutely breath taking, I looked beautiful and very well organized I was amazed, Diann Valentine sure knows how plan a wedding, that’s for sure. When Tamra walked down the aisle, she takes everyone's breath away, It was so nice to see Tamra’s older son Ryan walking her down the aisle and giving her away to Eddie, that was such a beautiful scene. It was nice to see familiar faces we well, we saw all the RHOC ladies representing and looking amazing and it was nice to see the amazing and not forgettable Lynne Cutin, God is miss her.

The most amazing part was the reception area, it was perfection and it was out of this world, if I ever get married I would love that have a similar wedding, I have to say out of all the Real Housewives, Tamra’s by far was my favorite. Tamra and Eddie decided to arrive at the reception before anyone to have a private dance. And can we talk about the suspended diamond wedding cake, it was $25,000. Wish Dana Wilkey was there to say twenty five thousand lol.

The most shocking part was all the OC housewives being cordial and getting along, between taking pictures in the photo booth and dancing at one point Vicki and Gretchen dance together, Vicki spanks Gretchen and they even kiss in the lips and say they love each other, it was nice and fun to see them all in a good place. And who can’t forget Tamra’s many wardrobe changes, that bitch looked amazing in every single dress she wore, she worked it well, sexy, classy and beautiful.

Overall I really enjoyed Tamra’s OC Wedding and best of wishes to both Tamra and Eddie Judge, wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Photo Credit: Bravo