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Recap: Tamra's OC Wedding - Episode 1: Tamra and Eddie's Wedding Kick Off

Read our recap to Tamra's OC Wedding, Episode 1 below!

Tamra has less than 40 days away from her OC wedding. Tamra has chosen the beautiful but very expensive St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort for her wedding ceremony, and hires celeb wedding planner Diann Valentine to make sure everything is perfect. Tamra wants to spend and make it glamorous however Eddie is constantly trying to stop her from overspending. Tamra tells Diann not to reveal the true wedding budget to Eddie.

Tamra introduces us to her best friend Ricky which he will be her Man of Honor, and I have to say I love the idea. Tamra also meets with her fellow RHOC besties Heather and Vicki individually asking each one to be a bridesmaid on the big day. She and Heather discuss over dinner, while she and Vicki share their special moment at a cake tasting and Vicki is gets emotional, you can’t fake this friendship people WOO HOO! Tamra picks her wedding cake but is surprised that it’s going to cost $2,500, she questions what happened to $200 dollar cakes.

When Tamra shares the news and the wedding invitations with Eddie, Eddie feels like the invitation prices are ridiculous especially inviting all the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies. Tamra also reveals that dinner is 300 dollars per person and Eddie feels like they need to reduce the guest list. Eddie doesn’t want any type of drama, I can’t blame him especially with all the drama these ladies have been through in the RHOC!  Tamra and Eddie start packing for their trip to Las Vegas for Eddie’s bachelor’s party, Eddie picks the ugliest and the gayest jacket I have ever seen in my life but he thinks it’s fly, bless his soul!

Everyone arrives in Las Vegas and they are having dinner when Heather spills all the details of Tamra's bachelorette party in Mexico. He's none too pleased to hear that male strippers were all over his fiance. Eddie then decides to do pay back as the guys head to the strip club and get some lap dances. A photo is sent to the girls that looks like the stripper is kissing Eddie and Tamra is not happy at all, she shows up at the club and surprises Eddie getting a lap dance and to make matters worse, Eddie has a hard on. What I’m more disgusted by is the jacket Eddie was wearing, NOT CUTE AT ALL! Tamra is pissed at Eddie and he tries to comfort her by telling her to relax and get over it. She storms out and says she is leaving back to the OC.

The trip is cut short and we see Tamra and Eddie back home as she is doing laundry, I have to say that bitch look fabulous cleaning her house, lip gloss and all, WERK!. Eddie and Tamra discuss strip and hard on gate and are able to move on and put it behind them. Now let’s see them continue planning their wedding next week as more wedding drama continues.

Tamra's OC Wedding airs Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo

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