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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 14: Horse Whisper To A Scream

An unorthodox therapy brings the Housewives up close and personal with a horse's hoof, opening old wounds and leaving Caroline in tears over an admission from her husband. A traditional Native American drum circle plays backdrop as Melissa and Jacqueline face their trust issues and Kathy finally takes a stand. In a shocking moment of truth, Teresa's husband, Joe, makes a revelation about his current legal issues that leaves everyone speechless. Read our recap below!

I have to say this week's episode was just like last week's episode, uneventful and boring to be honest. This is the reason why I didn't even recapped last week's episode but the only reason why I decided to do this "mini recap" was because of the picture above, Teresa and Jacqueline calling it truce!.

Jacqueline and Chris talk about Teresa. Jacuqeline is bothered by a comment that Teresa made saying that at times karma can come back by punishing your kids. It's obvious that Teresa was talking about her, but Jacuqeline misunderstood and thought it was about her.

Melissa wakes up feeling much better from her cold however she is tired of the therapy sessions and all the crying, I for one have to agree with her on this one. I guess Dr. V wasn't enough, apparently Bravo wanted to turn this "vacation" to be more of a therapeutic session. I guess anything from Season 4 is fine with me. The cast heads out for a little horse therapy, which the cast thought it  involved riding horses, but it didn't. Instead they got examined and read by licensed equine therapist which he can see right through your soul, Cracker is his horse who could sense authencity. The idea was to answer Wyatt's questions, and then attempt to lift Cracker's leg. If you were unable to lift it, it meant he knew you weren't being real.

Rosie shared that she doesn't feel good enough most of the time, Kathy realized that she has to be more assertive, and Jacqueline learned that she was still apprehensive about her relationship with Teresa. Teresa and Melissa refused to open up and just didn't get it. Wyatt said that those who were unable to lift the horse's leg were guarded and not in touch with their emotional side. Maybe Caroline is right, maybe the reason why Melissa and Teresa can't get along is because their too much alike.

Its Juicy Joe’s turn, he revealed he was scared about his impending DMV charges. Albert Manzo opened up and revealed he was abused as a child. After the session was over, Jacqueline and Teresa about her reservations and the comment she mad about Nick. Teresa denied the comments and said she was referring to herself. Both Jacqueline and Teresa decided to put their “cordial” relationship aside and start over like they used to. Let’s hope this is the case. Next week it looks like all this therapy went out of the window as drama comes back.

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