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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 6: A Ple-thora of Lies

On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Lenny’s parent’s are in town and Lisa is less than thrilled since she doesn't get along with her mother in law. Just like Lisa, Lenny tries to be the peacemaker and brings both Romain and Frederiq together to try to fix their misunderstandings.

Meanwhile Lisa and her mother in law are in another room spending quality time together, as Lisa tries to make a connection with her mother in law Marina, Marina throws a bit of shade but always keeps it classy. Back to the men, Lenny takes over and has the men talk regarding their issues and just like that it’s over and everything is squashed. The women so need to take lesson or two from their husbands, that’s for sure.

Lisa, Lenny and the in laws go out for dinner and you can sense the tension between Lisa and Marina. Marina calls out Lisa for not returning her calls and Lisa tells her the reason is because she feels like she doesn't like her. Lenny joins in the conversation who sides with his wife and tells his mom that she can be rude at times, Lisa then expresses that she wants to make it work with her and wants to get to know her more by spending more time with her during her stay in Miami.

Alexia takes her son Frankie for his physical and speech therapy and by the looks of it he’s progressing very well, I’m so happy for Alexia and Frankie. They know he has a long way to go but they are pleased to know how far he has come.

Joanna is feeling overwhelmed with planning her wedding especially since she has no help. Her sister Marta is the maid of honor however she is busy building a new life of her own with her boyfriend, let’s not forget that Marta lives in another state now. Marta gives Joanna her blessing to marry Romain and has decided to put her issues with Romain in the past since Joanna is happy with Romain. Joanna expresses to Lea how much stress she is under. Lea tries to comfort her and tells her she will help her out and they decide to go on a girls trip to LA. Lea decides to call Lisa up to invite her to LA.

Lisa is hanging out with Adriana, Alexia and Marysol discussing Adriana’s wedding plans, when Adriana pulls an article from some press which reveals Lea’s alleged secret past. Apparently Lea had a different name in the past and a secret wedding which lasted a few months and Adriana calls Lea a hypocrite. Then Lisa gets a phone call from Lea and invites her to LA which she agrees.  

Later on Adriana and Marysol are out shopping when Adriana gets a call from Lea, Lea call to Adriana is not to discuss their issues but to discuss about their kids. Lea’s son is having a birthday party and Lea wanted to know if Adriana's son could make it since their kids are very close friends. Despite their personal differences Adriana assures Lea that her son will be there to support Lea’s son birthday since they both don’t want their issues to affect their sons friendship.

It’s time for Lea’s son birthday, Alexia arrives with Frankie, Romain and Joanna arrive with no present since Romain forgot it, Frederiq arrives with Adriana’s son Alex and Lisa arrives with Lenny and her mother in law. The party gets moved in inside due to the rain and is that's not all, the Black’s house is being remodeled from the inside which is why the inside is such a construction mess. But despite all of that, the kids are having a great time. Adriana arrives and she feels completely uncomfortable, they all sing happy birthday and the episode ends.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Bravo