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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 5: A Cause For Concern

The episode starts off with Lea preparing herself for her annual charity The Black’s Gala. While Lea is preparing and stressing to make sure the Gala runs smooth, Adriana, Ana, Marysol, Alexis along with Lauren Foster head to Palm Beach for a fun and fabulous event, Gay Polo. 

OK, I’m gay and I never even heard of Gay Polo, must be a Miami thing or I’m living under a rock aka Palm Springs. Alexia’s husband is fond of Lea and he wants to attend Lea’s Gala however Alexia doesn’t know how to break the news to the girls that she will eventually leave the Gay Polo event and leave with a ride that Herman sent for her, remind you Alexia is sick as hell and is being a trouper so far. 

Lenny and Lisa discuss their baby plans and agree that they are going to plan to use surrogacy to be able to have kids, while Lisa is still struggling with the idea of someone else carrying their baby she agrees to go though this process. Lenny then surprises Lisa with a very expensive diamond necklace to cheer her up which works.

Meanwhile Lea is busy trying on multi million-dollar jewelry for her charity gala, so basically what I learned so far, I need to marry either a doctor or a lawyer to have major bling bling. Alexia’s ride arrives and all the ladies are ready to head out and Party when Alexia breaks the news to the ladies that she is going to leave to attend Lea’s Gala. Marysol and Adrianna give Alexia the cold shoulder, Alexis thinks the girls are acting childish and leaves. Even though Alexia wasn't feeling well, she still tried to juggle both by going to the polo event and then attending Lea’s Gala. As soon as she got home, she realized she overdid it and called Lea to say she wasn't feeling well and wasn't going to make it.

It’s the night of the Gala and thankfully Joanna, Lisa, Karent and Elaine Lancaster showed their support. The gala outcome was a success, there’s Dennis Rodman and a whole bunch of celebrities and the who’s who of Miami, however the bids were a little to pricy and so far, not much bidders are buying anything! However a rich Polish lady donated 10K in honor of Joanna’s beauty, way to go Joanna, at least she helped Lea right?  It was nice to see Karent, Joanna and Lisa together, especially when they tried to lock up Lisa in the restroom. Either way, the gala was a success!

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo