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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 4: 'Black' Magic

Romain surprises Joanna with a new house and agrees to attend sex therapy; however things turn sour when he's a no show to their first session. Marysol has a session of her own with her long time psychic who tells her a shocking revelation regarding Elsa's health issues. Meanwhile, Lea reveals a surprising secret to Lisa about the details behind Adriana's web of lies. Later at Alexia's magazine cover party, French sparks fly when Frederic confronts Romain over a past issue that leaves Adriana fuming. Read our recap below!

The episode starts off with Romain surprises Joanna with their brand new house. At first Joanna isn’t feeling it since the furniture feels a bit outdated but once she sees the outdoor view she is in love with it. Joanna tells Romain that they need to focus more on their sex life. Joanna feels like she’s more of the man of the relationship and Romain the woman as he is more romantic and sensitive and she is more aggressive and just wants to f**k. They agree that they will attend sex therapy.
Marysol gets her cards read by a physic regarding Mama Elsa’s health. The card reader tells Marysol that someone is wishing Mama Elsa bad vibes as soon as the devil’s card is picked and basically describes Lea Black as the person behind this. This scene looks straight from a telenovela it’s not even funny.

Adriana visits Lisa and once again her marriage is the main topic, at this point I don’t care about is she was married or not, I’m over it and could care less, let’s keep it moving. Adriana surprises Lisa by asking her if she would be one of her bridesmaids and Lisa gets excited and happy as she’s never been one.

Alexia throws a party for her Venue Magazine and Lea is the first to arrive. Lea is busy planning her Black Gala which is on the same weekend but decided to go to support Alexia and hopes the Echevarria’s also attend her Gala, sounds fair to me. As soon as everyone arrives the attention of the party is switched as Romain and Frederic go at it. Apparently Frederic called Romain out on Twitter during last season when he tried to stop Adriana and Joanna from the infamous bitch slap therefore Romain has no desire to be near him and start to argue. Adriana going in and defends her man and Romain and Adriana even argue in French.

Soon Ana and Marysol arrive and Lea is not happy seeing Ana for the accusations she made about her during last seasons reunion. Ana is not pleased that Joanna is with Lea and she has to greet her but she does the polite thing and greets Joanna and Lea and Alexia then calls the hypocrites for being polite when they know they don’t like each other. Lisa stayed behind home with her hubby enjoying a bubble bath with him ala Tamra and Eddie.

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