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Recap: Basketball Wives Season 5 - Episode 3

The ladies deal with the fallout of Suzie's grilling of Tasha Marbury. Also, Tami raises questions within the group by failing to show for Evelyn's big birthday blowout. Read our recap below!

Tasha reacts to Suzie's question. Tasha admits that the rumors of her husband having an affair with a chef are true but that’s behind them. Tasha also reveals that they paid the mistress some good amount of money to prevent her from talking about the affair.
Suzie and Evelyn discuss what went down at dinner, Suzie admits she feels bad on how she came across by asking Tasha very personal questions regarding her husband’s infidelity and throws Tami under the bus by saying that Tami was the one that came up with the idea.  
Next Tami and Shaunie met up to play catch up. Tami explained to Shaunie that she felt like her and Evelyn planted a bad seed to Tasha regarding her character and she didn’t appreciate it. Shaunie apologies but feels like she didn’t do anything wrong by warning Tasha how Tami may react. Looks like this is the beginning of Tami vs. Shaunie!
Suzie feels like she’s the bad seed in her family since all her brothers are over achievers and feels like she has nothing going for her. Suzie gets some advice from her cousin Billy and tells her it’s never too late to finish school.
Shaunie meets up with her boyfriend Marlon. Apparently they are struggling with spending quality time, sounds like a boring story line to me and overall this scene really bored the crap out of me.
Tami talks about her mother's health with her cousin and get’s emotional of the thought of losing her, watching this scene broke my heart for Tami and her family.
Evelyn gets a first look at her PETA ad and I must say she looks stunning in it.

Tami wants to plan something for her mother and seeks her daughters for some ideas. They eventually plan to spend quality time by taking her to the spa and then dinner and a family portrait. Tami explains how hospice can be overwhelming for her as she can’t bare to see her mom in that condition everyday in her own house and decides that a hospital is a better choice for her mom’s health.
Suzie and Tasha clear the air during a limo drive on their way to Evelyn’s PETA party. They soon discuss about how Evelyn shouldn’t go back with Chad and they feel like Evelyn should date other men. Tasha then says that it would be funny if Evelyn should wear a helmet on her dates and they both laugh. During her interview, Suzie says she felt uncomfortable by Tasha’s joke.
The girls arrive at Evelyn's PETA party and soon realize that Tami is a no show. They soon start implying that she may be a hater. Are these girls for reals? Tami’s mom is going through serious health issues and they all know this, it’s not a secret. It’s sad that these girl (I’m looking at you Shaunie) have to create drama when they damn sure know what Tami is going through.

Shaunie meets up with Evelyn and discuss about Tami. Shaunie fills in Evelyn on her meeting with Tami and does her Tami impressions. Looks like Shaunie is ready to start drama with Tami to be more relevant and not so boring anymore.

Evelyn meets with her therapist to talk about her divorce and physical altercation with Chad. Evelyn gets emotional as she struggles with still loving Chad but knows that she shouldn’t go back to him. I love Evelyn but I really hope this whole season is not based on all about her fight and divorce with Chad, but something tells me it is.
Basketball Wives airs Monday nights at 8/7c on VH1
Photos Credit: VH1