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Photos: Mary Zilba Celebrates Her 50th Birthday Party!

Real Housewives of Vancouver star Mary Zilba celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. The "Hero' songstress and reality TV star celebrated her birthday with her friends and family, Mary shared photo's through her official Facebook page. Besides family and friends, in attendance were her ex husband Frank Anderson, their 3 sons Cole, Chase and Chad, bestie Fiona Forbes and her RHOV co-star and BFF Robin Reichman to name a few. Check out the photos of Mary Zilba's 50th Birthday Party below!

Click to enlarge the photos below.

Mary with Ex Husband Frank and their sons Chase and Cole

Mary and her sons Cole and Chase

Mary and her ex Frank playing Bongo

Something tells me Jody didn't bake this cake that Robin surprised her with

Mary and her sons Cole, Chad and Chase

Martin Spencer, Fiona Forbes, Robin Reichman, Joan-E & Mary

Good Birthday Fun with Friends!
Mary looks fabulous at 50!

Mary and her RHOV co star and BFF Robin Reichman

Mary and her sons Cole and Chad

Who want's cake?

Chase, Mary, Frank and Cole

Cole surprised his mom Mary who showed up from Santa Barbara

RHOV's Robin Reichman serving cake

Chase Zilba and his dad Frank Anderson

Mary Zilba and her ex husband, why are they not together?

I'm surprised that Christina, Marika, Ioulia and Reiko were not in attendance, but besides that I have to say it's nice to see that Mary and Robin have continued their friendship after RHOV. Mary looks amazing, and by the looks of it, it looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Mary!!

To view the complete album of Mary's 50th Birthday Party CLICK HERE

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Photos Credit: Facebook/Mary Zilba