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Mia Claman Will Star In New Reality Show Called "The Project - Guatemala" - See Details Here!

We reported earlier today regarding Mia and Jody Claman potentially having their own reality show, however looks like Mia will star in a reality show for Canada's OLN's network titled "The Project - Guatemala". OLN describes the show as the following:

"Nine unsuspecting young adults think they’ve signed up for an adventure in paradise... What they get is the journey of a lifetime. Sheltered, spoiled, and self-centered, these twenty-something’s believe they’ve been selected for an adventure in an exotic location. But in a dramatic bait and switch, they quickly learn that what they’ll be doing has little to do with sand and surf. Instead, they’re undertaking an ambitious construction project in a place where people desperately need their help. They have just six weeks to build a Community Centre for orphaned and abandoned children in rural Guatemala.  The work will be hard. The time will be tight. And they’ll have to work together. Can this group of privileged and pampered young adults be transformed into better human beings?"

Check out Mia's bio below: 

Mia Claman
Age:  26
Occupation: Co-owner of a clothing store
Hometown: West Vancouver
Long Term Goal: Professional success, a few marriages, and children
Mia is the life of the party. She has a big personality and her friends describe her as loud, loyal, witty, outgoing, and bossy. She comes from a privileged background and spends her evenings with other rich kids frequenting the city’s best venues, clubs, and restaurants. She loves to party and has been known to dance on tables until the sun comes up. Mia has travelled extensively but has only experienced other parts of the world in luxurious ways.

You can check out the other contestants here, check out the trailer for The Project - Guatemala here!

Are you ready to see Mia? Make sure to support her and follow her on Twitter: @MiaClaman , Are you going to watch The Project - Guatemala?

The Project - Guatemala Premieres Monday Sept. 23rd at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT only on OLN

Source/Photo Credit: OLN