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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 12: Hair-binger of Doom

Suspicion is in the air when a scandalous article about Melissa's marriage rocks New Jerseyand Teresa's hair product launch puts Melissa face to face with a gossip-mongering ex-friend. As Jacqueline celebrates her return from LA (and her new tummy), an encounter with Caroline leaves Kathy questioning her partnership with Rich. Read our recap below!

Melissa finds it odd that Kim D, Jan, and Peggy talked about it with Teresa which she is hinting that Teresa might be involved. Teresa makes it clear that she believes Melissa has not cheated and she tells Melissa that she has no part on these rumors. Teresa invites Melissa to her Milania Hair line product launch and tells her she needs to attend and face the people who are making these accusations about her marriage. Teresa offered to be by Melissa's side supporting her.

Kathy struggles with finding a voice in an old school marriage with Richie. I find Richie beyond annoying and I usually put my remote on mute because everything that comes out of his mouth is just vile, annoying and disgusting. Basically Kathy is tired of Richie having the last word. Jacqueline arrives back to New Jersey after having a tummy tuck and a neck lift. Watching the expression on Nicholas face when seeing Jacqueline is just beyond adorable, there’s no better love to a child than the love from their mothers.    

Kathy seeks Caroline for advice regarding her traditional marriage. While Kathy is reflecting on the challenges of a traditional marriage, Caroline reveals to Kathy that Albert is always the one calling the shots and that sometimes it's a struggle between them at sometimes you have to speak on what you want or feel. Lauren reflects also on potentially not wanting to marry her long time boyfriend Vito. Now that she lost a lot of her weight, she finally feels secure with herself and on running her own business but her boyfriend wants to take it to the next level which Lauren revels that maybe a year ago she would want to marry Vito but now that’s not part of her priorities.

It’s time to celebrate the Milania Hair Care line launch, everyone is invited and Melissa knows that her former best friend Jan will be there as well as Penny and Kim D. Melissa and Joey arrive and congratulate Teresa, Kim D tells Melissa that she wants to start over with her when Jan walks up to Kim D and Teresa and greets them, Jan doesn’t waste no time and calls Melissa out for talking negatively about her. Melissa finds this the perfect opportunity to confront her former friend Jan about the accusations she’s making about meeting with her ex-boyfriend. Jan wastes no time and reminds Melissa that she had in fact hooked up with her ex and even spouted specifics about the evening. Melissa is left speechless and denies everything that Jan has accused her of, Jan tells Melissa she deserves an academy award for lying, Jan walks away mocking Melissa by saying "thank you Jesus!"

Next Penny walks up to Melissa and Teresa and Penny is quickly questioned by Melissa regarding the cheating rumors. Penny admits that she contributed to the Life & Style magazine cover and that she was talking crap about her. Melissa claims she never meet Penny, so this whole situation is getting confused, during the interviews section Melissa questions why Teresa doesn’t have her back however Teresa says she will only interfere if her name is brought up.  While Penny and Melissa are discussing these cheating rumors Teresa interrupts them and tells Penny if they’re friends which Penny says no. Teresa also states if he has anything to do with the whole strip-gate drama which Penny says no, while Teresa feels vindicated Melissa and Joe Gorga find it odd and are not 100% convinced.  

Next week the cast goes to Arizona to celebrate Melissa’s birthday. We see more struggles from Kathy and Richie’s marriage

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