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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 11: Children of the Scorned

Joe makes up for lost time with his goddaughter, Gia, but an unexpected comment leaves him speechless. Old grudges die hard when Teresa hosts a charity event and confronts Jacqueline about an unresolved comment threatening their fragile reconciliation. Meanwhile, Jacqueline makes an impulsive decision that fills her husband Chris, sister-in-law, Caroline, and daughter Ashlee with worry, but at least she has Kathy on her side! Read our recap below!

The episode starts were we left off last week, Teresa and Jacqueline were in the middle of a confrontation about their friendship divorce. Teresa asked Jacqueline how she hurt her regarding the cheating accusations. Jacqueline fired back to Teresa by telling how she hurt her by saying she needs to focus on her autistic son instead of being on Twitter talking about her. Jacqueline began to cry and told Teresa she has no idea what she is going through. Teresa then apologized to Jacqueline and both agreed to move forward and agreed to be civil.  Soon Jacqueline and Teresa meet up with their husbands and they all sit together having drinks. Jacqueline apologizes to Juicy Joe for accusing him of cheating and Joe tells Jacqueline he has already forgotten about that. Gotta love Juicy!

Joey Gorga decides to make up for lost time with his god daughter, Gia. Joey Gorga and Gia go on a go-carting date and race against one another, and of course Joey had to win against his 12 year old niece. Then both grab some food and Gia takes the opportunity to call her uncle out. Gia opens her feeling regarding the drama that has been surrounding her family mainly her mother and the Gorgas. It’s nice to see how mature Gia is expressing her feeling to her uncle, specifically about his actions when he was arguing with her mother. She remembered his behavior at the christening when he was screaming foul things at Teresa and he realized that how his behavior may effect his niece Gia. I have to say it’s sad that a 12 year old makes more sense than all the RHONJ adults, sure makes them look like fools, hopefully this makes them more aware of their actions but since we are talking about The Real Housewives, I doubt it, time will only tell. I did like how Joey Gorga realized what a moron he acts when he gets upset, kudos to him!

Since everyone is a better place and everyone is getting along, everyone was in Teresa's house attending a charity event together. The group went to a function for Nephcure, an organization that Teresa got involved in after meeting Matthew, a little boy with a rare kidney disease, Nephcure was the charity Teresa was representing during her time in Celebrity Apprentice. Everyone got to do Zumba to benefit the charity.

Since they all went to the event in a group, they rented a party bus, Jacqueline told Teresa to look up the word sociopath since she didn't know what it meant when she called her that. When she did, and found out that it was a person who lacks a sense of moral responsibility and social conscience. I thought Teresa was going to loose it for a second but she remained calm, I was surprised and proud at the same time. Then the amazing Milania got on the pole on the party bus and said she was Melissa. Melissa just smiled which seemed fake but I would have done the same if I was her, after all Milania is just a kid, she doesn’t know any better but what I do know is she's the star of RHONJ in my opinion ,TEAM MILANIA!

Everyone does Zumba then Jacqueline and Teresa sit down and talk about the sociopath comment, Jacqueline tells Teresa how she called her evil so now they are even, both laugh it off and hug it out. During her interview Jacqueline reveals even though she has made up with Teresa she still won't trust her. Next Jacqueline reveals to Kathy that she's planning on getting a tummy tuck and neck lift in California, Kathy supports Jacqueline. Next The Lauritas, Manzos, Gorgas and Wakiles get together for to give a farewell dinner to Greg since he got a job in San Francisco and is moving to the west coast, Caroline gives Greg a gift that makes them both emotional and both cry. The conversation of Jacqueline’s tummy tuck and neck lift is brought up, Melissa doesn’t think she needs it and neither does Jacqueline’s husband Chris however they support her decision since this is going to make her happy.  
Jacqueline arrives in LA and meets with he daughter Ashlee. They go visit Jacqueline’s surgeon as Jacqueline has a pre-surgery meeting, we get to see Jacqueline’s tummy and now we understand why she wants it however I still think she should rock her curves. Jacqueline then has dinner with her parents and Ashlee, while Jacqueline wanted to take tequila shots, Ashlee mentions she hardly drinks and is very concern about her mother’s surgery. Is this a remake of Freaky Friday? Seems like these two switched bodies, Jacqueline seems more like the teenager and Ashlee the parent, Ashlee has grown up a lot, finally! Jacqueline heads for surgery and surprising this turns into another episode of E!’s former show Dr. 90210. We get to see Jacqueline’s pieces of skin removed, we didn’t really had to see this however thank you Bravo for grossing me out! Thankfully she came out of it well.

Next week, Melissa comes face to face with her former best friend Jan who accused Melissa of cheating, this is going to be good, can't wait!

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