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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 10: Best Frenemies Forever

Teresa reaches out to Jacqueline for a sit-down for the first time since their 'friendship divorce' over a year ago, but things quickly derail at the mention of marital infidelity. Caroline worries about her children's needs, but it's her husband that makes a shocking demand. Melissa and Joe get a hot offer one of them can't refuse, while Kathy spices up her sister Rosie's love life. Read our recap below!

I’m going to recap the most memorable moments of this episode, here we go. Joey Gorga and Melissa get offered to be the new face for Sizzle Tan salon, however Melissa refuses to do a billboard for the Sizzle Tan salon since Teresa had already done it, so she decided to leave that to her husband. Melissa focuses on shooting her book cover while Joey was busy showing off his body doing a photo shoot for Sizzle Tan Salon. I have to say Joey is sexy but I could live with him not wearing a hat or a bandanna, me no like! Joey Gorga also had to model with a female model since Melissa didn’t participate. Joey was drooling over her at the shoot. Meanwhile Melissa was having fun at her photo shoot giving us Beyonce wind in the hair darlings.

Next Rosie talks about the struggles of being single and alone. Rosie and Kathy talk about Rosie’s last relationship and Kathy opens up to Rosie regarding her ex. Kathy felt her ex was a negative influence on Rosie. Rosie explains to Kathy that she knew her ex was a bad choice however she was in love at the time. Next the Gorgas and the Wakiles take Rosie to a gay bar to try and find her an girlfriend. Richie tells Rosie he is a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Yes he did say  that lol! At the bar they find swingers, bisexuals and none traditional lesbians which isn't Rosie's type. At the end of the night Rosie got wasted however she managed getting a phone number. Will she call? I guess we have to wait and see.

Albert and Caroline invite their kids over for dinner at their apartment. It gets tensed when Caroline calls out Albie for working working a lot and tells him to slow. Albert then joins in the conversation and tells her to shut t e fuck up. It’s very clear that Albert doesn’t care to much to be on the show since he is always serious during camera time. I think Bravo wants to make it look like they might be having problems, but that's just my guess.

Surprise, surprise the Giudices and Gorgas put their issues behind them and get together for a nice family dinner. Milania was so excited to see her cousins and play with them you can tell that there is still some tension in the room however that’s expected. The next day Melissa and Jacqueline meet up and she let’s her know that the family made up and she is hoping she makes up with Teresa next. Jacqueline makes it clear she is happy for the family however she insists she is over the drama and Teresa. However you can tell Jacqueline misses Teresa while she admits it or not.

Next Jacqueline spends time with her son CJ and then she gets a “surprise” phone call from Teresa. Jacqueline seems surprised and Teresa tells Jacqueline she would like to meet her for dinner. They agree to meet up with the presence of their husbands. The Lauritas arrive first with the Giudices arriving behind them. Joe and Chris decide to hang out at the bar to talk while their wives get a table to discuss their “issues”. While Chris and Joe seem to enjoy their reunion there’s tension between Teresa and Jacqueline. Teresa lets Jacqueline know that she was fine with her brother and sister in law until Jacqueline held her responsible for the stripper gate which we all know Teresa wasn’t. Teresa then asks Jacqueline to apologize to her for accusing Juicy Joe of cheating on her during last season’s reunion. Jacqueline refuses to apologize and then she decides to change the conversation. The episode ends in the middle of their conversation. Next week, the conversation between Jacqueline and Teresa continues, Gia and her uncle spend quality time, Ashlee visits her family and Jacqueline decides to get a tummy tuck.

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