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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 3: Booby-Trapped

Adriana and Lea continue to battle it out, leaving their relationship in ruins and firmly dividing the group of ladies in two. Lisa tries to reunite the warring women, only to have Joanna and Lea expose a web of deceit surrounding Adriana's marriage mayhem. Meanwhile, Alexia reveals a secret from her shocking past.

The episode starts off where it left off last week. Lea vs. Adriana! Adriana walks out from Lea’s house during a rainy day and gets wet, Lea insists for her to come back inside but Adriana at first refuses and throws digs at her. Lea then tells her she didn’t agree with how Adriana handled her fight with Joanna during last season as she bitch slapped her. Really Lea a season later and you just bring this up?

Next we see Romain and Joanna watching a friend’s tennis match and Joanna brings up the fact how tennis players moan like if they’re having sex and confronts Romain about their non-existent sex life. Romain tells Joanna that their sex life is just boring now and that she needs to spice it up. Joanna doesn’t agree with Romain as she feels she is freaky enough to spice things up, let’s hope these two get it together before the wedding night aka honey moon.

Alexia opens up to her mother about her turbulent past with Peter and Frankie’s dad. Alexia feels like Peter is acting out as he feels like the odd one out from the family just like his own dad. Alexia’s mother Nancy tells her that Peter needs guidance and therapy. Alexis also reveals that Peter bonded with music during the time Frankie was in the hospital. We see Frankie and Peter in the recoding studio raping however Alexia isn’t a fan of the lyric choices as they are too explicit but supports them if that’s what makes them happy.

Adriana invites Marysol over and they soon begin talking about Lea. Marysol then gets emotional and breaks down as she fears for the life of her wonderful mother Mama Elsa. Adriana gets emotional as she sees Mama Elsa like a mother. At least we get to see Mama Elsa even thought it’s in a flashback scene, god I miss seeing her.  

Lisa and Lenny are struggling with conceiving a child. Lenny addresses the fact their options of having a baby is slowing down and they might have to use surrogate. The idea of that gets Lisa extremely upset as it's the very last way she wants to have her baby and breaks down. I don’t like seeing Lisa this way.

Things have been awkward between Lea and Adriana as this has caused the group to be divided. Lisa planned for everyone to meet up for a night out but it just so happens she forgot to mention who would all be coming. Joanna, Lea and Lisa arrive to have some drinks when Marysol, Adriana and Alexia arrive and things get very awkward when Lea and Adriana say hi to each other in a fake manner.
Soon after this Lea decides to leave as the rest of the ladies go to a table to have drinks. Joanna then gets a text from Lea and both Joanna and Lisa check up on a very emotional Lea Black and before you know it ,Lisa the peacemaker finds herself stuck in the middle and she takes the heat for organizing this, guess we need to send Lydia from the RHOC to fix this as she was able to do it with Alexis, Heather and Tamra.

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