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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 2: Hurricane Adriana

Adriana and Lea’s feud comes to a boiling head when the two finally meet in a stormy showdown. Joanna’s trip down the aisle may be in jeopardy after Romain pops a question of a different sort. And Lisa discovers that buying their dream property on the hottest island in Miami has become more like a nightmare.

The episode starts off with Romain and Joanna having breakfast in bed and talk about marriage when Romain brings up the subject of pre-nup, Joanna takes offense to it and questions if Romain is planning to divorce her. Romain reveals he loves Joanna however he needs to protect his businesses in case something happens.
Joanna tells Romain how her sister Marta is going to be the maid of honor and Romain is not happy with it since Marta questions Romain’s loyalty. Joanna explains to Romain he can’t blame her for being protected especially when she caught him talking to another woman by email last season.

While Alexis and Marysol are exercising, Adriana next meets up with her wedding planner and tells him how she wants to wedding unique and original. She wants is heavenly, then changes it to Private Island. Next Adriana drops the bomb and tells her wedding planner that he has six weeks to plan it. I guess we have to see how this turns out.

Lisa is taking sexy photos of her maid Daysy and I have to say she looks incredible. Daysy looks amazing after surgery however Lisa is sad to hear that Daysy’s business is growing and she needs to focus full time on it which means she will not be working for Lisa anymore. Sad moment, I love these two together.

Next Alexia and Marysol surprise Adriana by taking her to one of Marysol’s favorite designers to try out wedding dresses. During that time Adriana revels how hurt she is of Lea, meanwhile Joanna goes shoe shopping for her wedding and brings Lea and Lisa for support. Joanna reveals to the ladies how Romain wants her to get a pre-nut. Lisa reveals she signed one when she married Lenny and Lea reveals she didn’t do one because she was equally successful as her husband Roy. Was that a dig at Lisa?

Next, Alexis the Cuban Barbie renovates her closet which becomes her own inner boutique and I have to say it looks amazing, Alexis sure loves her shoes but then again every Barbie does. Lisa and her husband are starting to plan for a complete demolition at their new home located at Miami's Elite Star Island.

Next it’s Adriana vs. Lea. Adriana’s car broke down so she used a taxi cab to meet with Lea at her home. I have to say I hate when Adriana wears her bangs that way and Lea’s hair always looks thirsty, conditioner anyone? Adriana arrives at Lea’s house and the two go at it. Lea reveals how she took her in years ago and helped her get back on her feet. Adriana states she had a marriage license but didn't feel married in "her heart" which left the two housewives on different pages.
Adriana tells Lea that she thought what she had with her was a sister but realized she has a wicked sister. Lea then pulls numbers to tell how much she helped her, Adriana says she appreciates it but Lea keeps throwing it to her face. What I hate the most is someone who helps you out then throws it to your face. The conversation doesn’t go anywhere and Adriana storms off in the pouring rain with no car to get home. Lea walks out trying to convince her to come inside as she is soaking wet.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Bravo