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Recap: RHOM Season 3 - Episode 1: 'Til Lies Do Us Part

Miami's hottest Housewives are back with a vengeance but alliances have changed and friendships have been shattered as longtime friends Adriana and Lea deal with the fallout from the scandal of a life time. When Lisa tries to get the group together to make amends, a shocking secret is revealed. Former Housewife Alexia Echevarria rejoins the ladies of the 305 to make things even hotter. Read our recap below!

The Real Housewives of Miami are back and hotter than ever with less cast members, two weddings, new alliances and of course, more drama!

The episode starts with Lea and Joanna. Joanna arrives to Miami however Romain has too busy to pick her up at the airport which the unofficial Mayor of Miami herself, Lea Black came into  Joanna's rescue. Joanna and Lea talk about Romain and their wedding plans and quickly they start talking about Adriana’s legal wedding scandal. Apparently Adriana was already legally married for 5 years which really shocked Joanna and Lea is hurt by this since she apparently helped Adriana since she thought she was a single mother who was struggling. Lea also states she is disappointed on Adriana since she didn’t stood up for her when Ana attacked Lea’s character during last season’s reunion. Off topic: Why can’t these ladies ever fight their own battles? Last time I checked they are are old enough to do so! SMH!

Next Lisa, Alexia, Marysol and Ana hang out at Miami's Fashion Week helping Adriana scope out a wedding dress, Lisa calls out Adriana for being legally married however, she was able to explain to the ladies how not only did her husband Frederic call the prior wedding off, but her son didn't fully accepted the marriage at the time. Lisa reveals during her birthday all the ladies were in Miami however no one bothered to show up, the only ones that showed up were Adriana and Frederic, I say Lisa invites us next time!

Romain surprises Joanna with her very own brand new Jaguar car, I'm glad RHOM is back, Romain is hella hot IMO! Any who meanwhile Adriana and Frederic visit their not so build yatch and they get into a heated argument due to the scandal revolving being legally married for 5 years. Its quit clear there’s a lot of tension and stress between them.

Lisa decides to bring all the ladies together at her house to clear the air, but the plan didn’t quit work since Lea decided not to go. Adriana and Joanna clearly say to each other that they don’t like each other and Adriana’s marriage is brought up. Joanna tells Adriana that Lea is hurt and feels betrayed by this and Adriana reveals that Lea was her maid of honor which surprises everyone. Everyone starts talking at the same time as things get heated and Marysol shuts everyone up. Marysol's reveals our favorite person in the whole housewives franchise, her mother, Mama Elsa is hospitalized for a brain injury. This makes the ladies realize that there's more important things in life that petty drama. Then Adriana and Joanna buried the hatchet and finally made amends.

Next week Adriana and Lea face off for the first time since last season’s reunion.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs Monday 9/8c on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Bravo