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Recap: RHOC Season 8 Reunion Part 2 - Episode 20

The drama-packed reunion continues as Gretchen faces off against the other ladies about Tamra's wedding dress shopping and the accusation that Gretchen tried to force Alexis out of the festivities. Heather confronts Gretchen about what really happened behind-the-scenes with the 'Malibu Country' auditions, and Gretchen is left in tears when the other ladies make shocking accusations about her engagement to Slade. Read our recap below!

The reunion continues but my question is what happened with Lauri? Where did she go? Did Andy even mention she left? Oh well, the episode starts off with Tamra’s transformation. Tamra reveals her early struggles and how much that has affected her present life. Tamra reveals how this pattern has even affected her son Ryan which he also suffers from it. I have to say it’s nice to see a softer side of Tamra. Tamra also reveals how much Eddie has been there for her by accepting her as she is as well as her children which she breaks down emotionally.

Andy then asks Alexis what’s her favorite body part from her husband, Alexis replies by saying his private parts. Apparently Mr. Bellino is hung and large. Did we really need to know that? I won’t help myself but to look at his crotch next time I see him on TV, thanks a lot Alexis lol!  Next we get into Alexis and Tamra’s newfound friendship. Gretchen calls out Tamra for talking smack about Alexis and Vicki and pulls print outs of the text messages for proof. Tamra reveals that Alexis knew about them and lied to Gretchen since she was hard friend to please.

Next Andy asks Gretchen if she finds it awkward watching old clips of Jo and Slade together, Gretchen reveals she is a secure woman and is comfortable of Slade’s past. Now it’s everyone versus Gretchen time! The infamous and dreadful subject of Malibu Country is brought up and Tamra and Heather explain why Gretchen lied and manipulated the situation. Heather starts off by telling Gretchen she can pull all the emails and texts she wants but the truth is Gretchen was called to see if she was available for a cameo appearance, not a booked gig, next Gretchen then pulls a recorded voicemail from her agent which just reveals if she was available for those dates. Heather then tells Gretchen she know she got called if she was available but what Gretchen used it to manipulate Tamra to make her feel bad by saying she ditched a gig to be there for her.

Next Andy tells Gretchen is she considers any of the ladies her friends, Gretchen says she considers Heather and Lydia friends and she hopes that one day her and Tamra can be friends again. Alexis calls out Gretchen for only using Lydia as “her friend” since she doesn’t have anyone on her side. Next everyone questions why Alexis and Gretchen’s friendship ended, Alexis then even questions it directly at her, Gretchen’s response is “You’re fake on camera”.

Things really go crazy when they focus on Gretchen’s proposal with Slade. The ladies feel like Gretchen just did that for TV, they feel like her storyline this season wasn’t a strong one so she organized this for camera time. Gretchen gets emotional finds it unfair how the ladies are ruining her happy engagement moment. Heather tells Gretchen she knows how much her and Slade love each other however the timing isquestionable. Gretchen breaks down and Tamra walks over to comfort her. Vicki apologies for hurting her feelings and Gretchen reveals that the only person she really missed that day was Alexis because Alexis was the only person out of all the ladies that truly has happy for her relationship. Alexis tears up and tells Gretchen how she can miss someone with the way she treated her.

The drama continues next week as Briana and Brooks face off and an upset Vicki walks off the show.

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