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Recap: RHOC Season 8 Finale - Episode 18: Cold Shoulders

Vicki's "Winter Wonderland" party continues, Gretchen and Heather get into a heated argument, and Alexis is brought to tears when hubby Jim faces the other ladies for the first time in over a year. Briana's husband, Ryan, shocks everyone when he verbally attacks a particular guest. Still reeling from their falling out in Canada, Tamra and Gretchen accuse one another of lies and deceptions. Steaming from Slade's public insults, Vicki and Lydia ambush him in a surprise turn at an already frigid party. Read our full recap below!

Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party continues and all hell breaks loose. Vicki and her brother Billy talk about her relationship with Brooks, Ryan is busy talking behind Vicki’s back, bashing her relationship with Brooks to Slade and Gretchen. Out of all people Slade and Gretchen, is he serious? Ryan is still making it clear that Brooks is still not welcome in his house or should we say Vicki’s house! Next Heather and Gretchen attempt to hash out all the Malibu Country drama. Is anyone over the Malibu Country drama? I am so over it! Heather tells Gretchen she’s also hurt with her behavior during her Hot in Cleveland taping show by making it all about her and walking away to be on her phone. Gretchen refuses to apologize to her and says that Heather hurt her too. At this point I’m confused by this so called misunderstanding and they end up hugging it out. Finally, no more Malibu Country drama.

Tamra does the unthinkable and actually apologizes to Jim Bellino for the way she's treated him, and misjudged him. Jim surprises everyone as he starts getting emotional and starts to tear up. Major props to Tamra for being the bigger person, I’m glad the Bellinos and Tamra are in a better place now. Just when you thought there was peace at the party, a fight breaks out inside the house. Ryan finds Lydia's mother Judy lying on the couch inside with her feet up and tells her to take them down. When Judy questions who he is, he flips out on her, swears at her and tells her to get the fuck out. Judy tells Ryan to stop swearing at her, I guess this means she's not going to fairy dust him anytime soon. Judy then walks out and explains to Vicki what just happened. Ryan storms out and continues to disrespect Judy and calls her a bitch. Briana and Vicki’s brother Billy try to calm Ryan down as Vicki tries to get to the bottom of it, but Ryan starts yelling at Vicki and her brother Billy steps in to tell him he can't make the rules in her house. Vicki thinks Ryan is stressed out since he will be deployed back to Afghanistan.

Briana talks to Ryan to get his side but when Vicki joins the conversation, he storms out. Vicki tells her daughter that she's worried about her husband's behavior, which just pisses Briana off. Things get worst when Vicki tells her she's going to start dating Brooks again. Briana tells Vicki she’s moving out. Vicki apologies to Judy and Lydia for Ryan's behavior,Vicki states no one should be talked to that way and convinces them to stay.

Vicki calls Slade over so she confront him about the comments he's made about her physical appearance. She whips out a bottle of Vicki's Vodka, bacon flavored and thanks him for the inspiration since he's called her Miss Piggy. Gretchen then tells Vicki she should also launch a Deadbeat Dad vodka because of the comments she's made about him, and things get crazy after that. Lydia then takes the opportunity by confronting Slade on the comment he’s made about her, Lydia calls Slade a jerk and Alexis, Tamra and Heather all agree with Vicki and Lydia. Vicki screams at Gretchen for not defending any of the ladies and yells at her “Don’t you get it? You’re a woman!”

At the end of the episode the ladies pose for the camera, as the credits are rolling we get updates of each of the wives, Vicki broke up with Brooks and Briana has moved out. Alexis is still pressuring acting, while Heather is busy building her new home. Tamra is busy planning her wedding which we will get to see it on her own spin off Tamra’s OC Wedding. Gretchen and Slade are stronger than ever however his radio show has been canceled.

Next week the drama continues as the first ladies of Bravo go after one another in a three part reunion.
The Real Housewives of Orange County, Part 1 Reunion Special airs on Monday at 8pm on Bravo!

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