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Recap: Basketball Wives Season 5 - Episode 1

 The Basketball Wives are back and looking better than ever. The episode starts off the Evelyn opening up about her marriage and divorce to Chad Ochocino. And emotional Evelyn Lozada opens up about the domestic violence she experienced from Chad. Evelyn reveals he has not had any communication with Chad and is sadden by this whole situation.

Evelyn gets some advice from her publicist about rebuilding her life and about facing the media. Her publicist gets her two interviews and suggests she opens up to give her side of the story before the media creates fake stories and makes the situation worst.

Evelyn reveals how nervous about her interviews and she gets a pep talk from her mom before her big interview. A mother always gives the best advice, her mom wishes her luck and tells her to be herself and stand tall.

Evelyn arrives at her mom’s house to visit her. There’s no better place to be than your mother’s house during dark times. Evelyn’s mom revels to her she sent texts to Chad to tell him why he would do this to her family and her fans and pretty much tell him off. Evelyn then breaks down since shortly her situation with Chad, her brother in law past away. Evelyn reveals she feels lost since she lost two important people in her life and is having trouble coping with it.

Tami visits Shaunie to catching up. Tami reveals how more calmer she is this time around and Shaunie tells Tami how she feels after all the drama that occurred last season she is tired of being the quiet one and has no problem this time around speaking her mind and telling it like it is. Looks like Shaunie has a new attitude.

Tami opens up to Shaunie about her mother’s health condition. Tami reveals to Shaunie that he mother has cancer and Tami is afraid of losing her and being alone. I have to say I got very emotional seeing this side of Tami, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a loved one sick and dying. Tami gets support from Shaunie as she consoles her

Evelyn visits her daughter Shaniece and she gives her honest opinion of Chad. Her daughter tells her that no one liked Chad especially her. Shaniece reveals to Evelyn she only accepted Chad to make her happy.

Evelyn’s daughter gives her an example by telling her if she would allow her to marry someone she did not approve off, which Evelyn agrees but still considers her options.

The girls meet up for some drinks, cheers!

Suzie shows off her new face and reveals she’s been celibate for the past 8-10 months. Tami seems shocked to hear this since Suzie is known to be sexually active.

Evelyn tells her friends how confused regarding her situation with Chad. Evelyn gets some harsh advice from her friends about Chad. Tami feels like everyone deserves a second chance, not two or three or seven but two only. Shaunie disagrees with Tami and turns the question to her by asking her if she would give this advice to her own daughters. Tami says yes, recent example Chris Brown and Rhianna however she says only second chances. Suzie is the only one who feels like Chad doesn’t deserve Evelyn and thinks she deserves better.

This new season is filled with drama and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Basketball Wives airs Monday nights at 8/7c only on VH1

Photos Credit: VH1