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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Lauren Foster!

 By: Jean-Claude
"A Housewife for the Next Millennium" - Lauren Foster

Hello everyone and welcome to Claude's Corner and today I have a personal favorite and special guest in honor of the premiere of Real Housewives of Miami, it's the one an only Lauren Foster and she's here to give us a deeper insight on what is being cooked up in the fiery city that is Miami. And to let everyone know she's more just another girl!  

JC: Well Lauren, we know you're a famous Vogue model but tell us how did that journey begin?

LF: I was living in Mexico City, modeling, and went on a go see for Vogue. My agent at the time was this amazing girl, Lorena Isla. She was fearless. She booked the job for me. Becca Cason Thrash was the editor back then.

JC: How did it feel to be the 1st transgendered woman in Vogue?

LF: At the time I never celebrated it much because no-one knew about my past. I was just so psyched that it happened. It was always a goal for me, kind of lodged in the back of my subconscious. Vogue was, and still is, pretty much the golden prize.

JC: Tell us about your modeling days?

JF: They were fun, crazy and lots of hard work. There is a ton of rejection that comes with modeling. You build up a veneer to protect yourself from it all. I believe that helped me a lot in my life after modeling. Basically, it was crazy fun and I wouldn't trade any of it. I saw the world and I will always be thankful for that opportunity.

JC: Do you still keep in touch with old gals from back then?

LF: I still keep in touch with some girls that I worked with. We are friends on Facebook. That is the part of social media I appreciate....rekindling old friendships.

JC: Who are some of your favorite designers?

LF: Rick Owens is my favorite designer right now. I can't live without his magic. Yohji Yamamoto, old Helmut Lang and a lot of designer vintage pieces are basically the core of my closet.

JC: How did you get to be on RHOM?

LF: I met with Matt Anderson, one of the genius producers at Purveyors of Pop for another project that was eventually shelved. He told me that I belonged on reality television but it was Marysol who invited me on as her guest at the, now infamous, lunch at Lisa Pliner's Star Island estate.

JC: How do you feel RHOM ranks among all the other franchises?

LF: I have a soft spot for RHOM, obviously because I live in Miami and this new season is going to really knock your socks off. The producers have amped up the cinematography, plot lines and glamour. It is insanely good!
JC: How do you feel about Elaine Lancaster and Lea Black?

LF: This franchise is provocative and we stir it up but when it comes to personal experiences I've known Elaine for years and we're at peace with each other and Lea Black has been very fair with me and I respect her.

JC: Have you been to Andy’s Club House?

LF: I have not been to Andy's Club House, but it always looks like fun!

JC: If you had a opening tagline what would it be?

LF: "A Housewife For The Next Millennium"

JC: Have you met Larsa Pippin or Cristy Rice?

LF: I have never met Larsa but am friends with Cristy. She is very fabulous and an amazing mom.

JC: Do you think you'll become the 1st Transgender woman to be a housewife?

LF: That would be a question for the producers and Bravo but it would certainly be revolutionary and an honor.

JC: How do you feel about transgendered men and women’s portrayal in the media?

LF: I think we still have a long way to go. I was recently on the receiving end of a vitriolic transphobic attack by someone who should have known better. Hate is everywhere. Sad, but true.
JC: Are you going to come out with your own wine next?

LF: I would need an investor with a vineyard in France because the wines I like are not cheap darling. Chateau Margeaux is my fave. I mostly drink tequila, with fresh lime juice and a splash of Perrier.

JC: What's next for Lauren Foster?

LF: I will be filming another project with the amazing director, Joe Lally.

JC: We know you're an activist for trans rights. Is there a future in politics?

LF: I work with GLAAD and, along with Marysol Patton, Sarah Arison and Omar Sharif, Jr, we are launching the Miami Leadership Council with a cocktail party in October and gala in February. Marysol and I also filmed a PSA for TRANS PEOPLE SPEAK, which will air later this year.

LC: What can you tell us about this upcoming season of RHOM?

LF: Just be ready for an insanely great season! The producers (Purveyors of Pop) really amped it up. Its glamour and cinematography on steroids!

JC: Is it saucy? Is there DRAMA?

LF: Hello! This is RHOM. There is drama, drama and more drama.

JC: Has Mama Elsa read your future?

LF: I love Elsa and she has given me her insight a few times. She has ALWAYS been on point! Always.

JC: Does it top the 2 seasons before?

LF: Without a doubt...YES!

JC: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

LF: My ex has a beautiful, contemporary villa in Mallorca, and it's always a fave spot for me. Cape Town during season is also very fab.

JC: Who are you the closest to on the show?

LF: I like all the ladies on the show.

JC: Any upcoming projects that we can catch you in? (apart from ours)

LF: My project with Joe Lally and working on my autobiography, "JUST ANOTHER GIRL"

JC: Will we get to see more of you this season?

LF: Yes you will, I filmed four times this season

JC: Anything you want to say to your fans?

LF: Thank you for all your support. I'm humbled by it.

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