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Reiko MacKenzie Is Now Single!

Former Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko MacKenzie announced her new relationship status on Twitter! Reiko revealed she's now single! Which means Reiko and DJ Kasha Kennedy are no longer an item as the Unstoppable songstress tweeted the following:

"Officially. Single. #nofear #lifekeepsmoving". Read Reiko's Tweet below!

I wish both Reiko and DJ Kasha the best of luck, after all Reiko is Unstoppable! I have nothing but respect and love for Reiko and I really hope she comes back to our TV screens soon! I missed her during the second season of RHOV and hope she releases more music soon! I know RHOV fans would agree with me!

Make sure to follow Reiko on Twitter: @ReikoMommy

Follow Reiko's Official tumblr page: she has some of the best delicious dessert recipes there, must check it out!

Photo Credit / Source: Twitter