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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 9: On Thin Giud-Ice

On  this week's episode of RHONJ, Teresa and her brother, Joe, and their spouses, Joe and Melissa, get down and dirty with a relationship expert. But the warmth of family love doesn't quite reach everyone as Kathy gets left out in the cold. And with the family finally turning a corner, Caroline reveals her own surprising agenda for healing, leaving everyone looking in Jacqueline's direction for a final solution. Read our recap below!

This week I’m only going to focus on what I consider the best highlights of the episode. Here we go! The episode starts where it left off last week. Joe Gorga and Teresa actually hug it out thanks to the help of Dr. V. Since the majority of the issues revolve with Teresa and Melissa, Dr. V decided to bring in Melissa into the therapy session. At the beginning of the session neither Meissa nor Teresa would take any responsibility for their part. Dr. V wasn’t having it called out Teresa for hanging out with Kim D. Reason was that Kim D talks about Melissa and they believe Teresa doesn’t put a stop to it. I wish Dr. V would have said the same thing to Melissa since she constantly complains and talks about Teresa to her family, friends and cast members, after all it goes both ways with these two but I digress.

Teresa then apologizes to both her brother Joe and sister in law Melissa. She states she’s done hurtful things to her brother and Melissa and with that being said Joe Gorga and Melissa seem happy and agree to move on. Teresa tells Joe and Melissa that she loves them no matter what and reaches over to Melissa and hugs her and then calls her a bitch in a joking mater to light in the mood. Next Joe Giuduce is called in for the therapy session and you can tell he is over this family feud and is ready to move on. Joe Giuduce apologizes to the Gorgas and they all seem to be on the same page for the first time. Off topic what really surprised me is that the Gorga’s never apologized to the Giudices, I mean no one was a victim or innocent but whatever. I’m just glad they are trying to move forward for the sake of their family.

Next Dr. V leaves which leaves Kathy Wakile a little irritated. Kathy is happy that the Gorgas and Giudices made up however she’s not pleased that Dr. V didn’t help her relationship with Teresa and their issues. The husbands go fishing while all the wives are making dinner. Caroline refuses to cook since she drove 4 hours to help Teresa. Melissa makes some drinks and hooks Teresa with some. Melissa gets hammered and is wasted which is fun to see. Next everyone gets together and decided to play team builders as they all gather and engage in some drunken trust falls. Melissa tries to catch Joe Giuduce but since he is a bit heavier and Melissa is too drunk, it’s a big fail. Next Teresa really wants Caroline to fall back onto her. Caroline agrees in one condition, if she gets to see Teresa and Jacqueline do it the same thing. Teresa hesitates at first but then gives in and accepts Caroline’s challenge.

Meanwhile back in New Jersey, Jacqueline and her husband Chris are out having dinner. Chris reveals the first time he noticed the magic of masturbation as a young boy. Jacqueline is concerned since her son CJ is growing up and doesn’t want to imagine the thought of her son masturbating. Funny and awkward all in one, don't you all agree? Then Jacqueline tells Chris she is happy she didn’t attend the retreat and is over the drama. She reveals she isn’t interested in having a relationship with Teresa. For her the trust is broken and believes their friendship cannot be fixed.

Back at Lake George everyone is having a great time, which is nice to see. Teresa is still apprehensive about making up with Jacqueline. Joe Giudice stops Teresa and tells her they are going to make amends with both Jacqueline and Chris. It’s very clear that Juicy Joe misses his friendship with Chris. It’s also very clear that Jacqueline and Teresa both miss each other while they won’t admit it, it’s very clear. While reflecting on the situation Juicy Joe tears up, it’s a very touching scene and we all see a new side to Joe Giudice which I love.

Next week Teresa keeps her promise to Caroline as she faces with Jacqueline face to face. I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

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