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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 8: Scum One, Scum All

This episode of RHONJ all bets are off when a brawl erupts between Teresa's husband, Joe, and brother, Joe. Melissa, Kathy and Teresa seethe with anger as the fate of this family hangs in the balance. Caroline attempts to help pull this family back from the brink of destruction with the help of a much-needed professional. Read our recap below!

The episode continues where Bravo left us hanging last week which was Joe Gorga vs. Joe Giudice! After Joe Gorga called his sister scum, Teresa walked out and told Juicy Joe what her brother called her. Juicy Joe demanded Joey Gorga to apologize to his wife and Joe Gorga went and attacked Juicy Joe. Not to anyone’s surprise Juicy Joe pretty much kicked his ass. Melissa tried to stop the fight and asked Teresa for help but Teresa ran out the building, it was just too much for her. Melissa tried of separating them by scratching and slapping Juicy Joe.

Kathy didn’t want to get involved since she was concerned about her nose job (hilarious moment, I must add). Meanwhile Joey Gorga was trying to push Juicy Joe by biting on his balls, yes people you read that right lol! Eventually Rosie, Rich and even Kathy came in and separated the Joe’s. The fight left everyone confused, dazed and all covered in a mysterious black type of spray/ink which turns out it was Joey Gorga’s black hair dye. According to Joey Gorga he uses it to make his hair look thicker. After the fight everyone returns back to their rooms. For a minute there I thought everyone was going to walk out and leave. Melissa goes acting over dramatic by saying she is done with the Giudice's and goes on by attacking Teresa’s products, pretty much saying Fabellini sucks. Side note, I tried Fabellini and I happen to love it, it's delicious!

Melissa reminds her husband that even Saddam Hussein was someone’s brother. Basically she continues to attack Teresa. Melissa and Joe Gorga need to stop acting like the victims, they are much to blame as everyone else, even Rosie says that. Rosie and the Walkie’s talk about what just happened, and typical Richie puts the blame on Teresa for the fight. Is he serious? The one responsible for the fight is Joey Gorga not Teresa. Richie then walks in the Giuduce’s room and challenges Teresa to go and hug her brother to make amends. Teresa gets up and goes to Joey Gorga’s room but Joey refuses to speak with his sister. Rosie tries calm down the situation by having them talk however Melissa refuses to leave the room and nothing gets accomplished.

Teresa is desperate of saving her relationship with her brother and calls Caroline for help, Caroline agrees to drive over to help. Caroline acknowledges she decided to go since Teresa never asks for help and acknowledges if Teresa called her for help, she knows things are very bad. I have to say I love the fact that Teresa called Caroline, I really hope they become friends again.

Relationship expert, Dr. V from Bravo’s LA Shrinks arrives and takes over the situation. Dr. V sits down with the whole family and tries to have them all talk their issues with each other. Melissa continues to blame Teresa for everything, then Dr. V decides to have a one on one talk with Joey Gorga away from everyone. Joey tells Dr. V how much he hates his sister and he is done with her and goes on by calling Teresa his enemy. Dr. V then calls Teresa over and they all talk about their family issues. Caroline then arrives and everyone is surprised and she reveals to everyone that Teresa called her for help. Back in therapy, Teresa reveals how she misses the old times when she used to hang out with her brother without their spouses. Joey seems apprehensive at first and then reaches to his sister and hugs her, causing them to cry together and I must say that scene was very very heartfelt. It was a beautiful moment.

Next week we see the more therapy sessions but this time, Melissa and Juicy Joe join in.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs every Sunday nights at 8pm only on Bravo!
Photo Credit: Bravo