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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 7: When Joes Collide

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has to be one of the most blood boiling Real Housewives shows out of the whole franchise. I'm starting to get tired of watching this family tear each other apart just for a reality show but the jokes on me since I still watch it and blog about it. Check out my recap of RHONJ below!

The episode begins with Joe and Melissa getting ready for the “healing retreat” that Teresa and Rosie planned. Joe Gorga states he doesn’t want to go to this retreat as he states it's going to be "miserable". If Joe Gorga thinks this is going to be so "miserable" then why go right? Melissa doesn’t waste any time with her “I hate Teresa” campaign by saying how can Teresa be hanging out with people who continue to talk negative about her. Melissa is clearly  talking about Jan who is her former best friend and bridesmaid. Let me remind you that Jan accused Melissa of cheating on Joe. I find it hilarious that Melissa points that out when in fact Kim D was the one who invited Jan, not Teresa! And isn’t Melissa doing the same thing? I mean she hangs out with Teresa’s old friends need I say their names?Jacqueline and Caroline. And wasn't she the one who got in contact with Danielle Staub behind her sister in law’s back trying to hurt her by giving Danielle information about Teresa?

Melissa needs to stop playing the victim already, it’s been 3 seasons of the same crap and frankly I’m getting over it! Melissa, Joe Gorga, Rosie, Kathy and Richie are on their way to the retreat and the Teresa bashing continues. Melissa goes on by saying that Joe Giudice doesn’t love Teresa and that he’s a cheater and calls him an asshole. Melissa is such a hypocrite. Remember how last season she didn’t like people talking about other people’s marriage especially hers but she find it fair to talk about Teresa’s marriage? She needs to practice what she preaches, plain and simple! The sad thing is that Joe Gorga didn’t stop his wife from bashing his own sister. Thankfully the voice of reason came from Rosie. She just wants everyone to stop the madness and have a positive outlook on the retreat. Rosie wants things to move forward and not backwards, and I agree with her.

Next we see Albert and Caroline spending time together and we learn that tough girl Caroline actually has a feat of heights. Who knew right? But I don't blame her since I'm afraid of heights too. Next we see Chris and Jacqueline and Chris think its best that they didn’t attend this retreat. Jacqueline explains to Chris the fight she had with Teresa through Kathy's cellphone. Jac reveals how soon after the fight she went to Twitter and pretty much talked about Teresa once again by calling her a moron. For someone who doesn’t like the drama sure like to talk about it and create enough of it by going to Twitter and tweeting about someone that she states she doesn’t care for. Jacqueline needs to spend more time worrying about her family than worrying about Teresa.

Teresa and Joe Giudice are the first ones to arrive to the retreat and the place looks amazing. Soon after everyone else arrives and Teresa and Juicy Joe great everyone and the whole scene is awkward to watch, you can tell how everyone is being fake friendly. Teresa then starts talking about Jacqueline’s recent tweet. Melissa quickly responds how she doesn’t want to comment on it since she doesn’t check her Twitter often and basically doesn’t care to talk about someone who is not there. Really Melissa? Talk about hypocrisy since Melissa sure loves to talk negatively about Teresa to everyone else while she’s not there. I guess we are seeing the “real Melissa” as Teresa has pointed out many times before.
I love Kathy Wakile but I cannot stand her husband Richie! Why is he even there? All he does is talk smack about Teresa just to get air time. He is not funny but rather annoying to be honest. Next everyone is having dinner and the whole scene is very awkward, it's even awkward for us viewers. Next Steve and Stephanie arrive to try and solve the messy relationship between the Giudice and Gorgas. Melissa starts questioning Steve and Stephanie because they look young and doesn't think they're experienced. Melissa shouldn’t judge anyone’s experience due to their age. Stephanie and Steve has everyone doing an activity when Melissa finds it in her to attack Joe Giudice’s intelligence by calling him dumb in one of her interviews. I hate it to break it to you Melissa but her husband isn’t that smart either, so before she starts questioning other’s people’s husbands’ intelligence she should check her husband first before opening her mouth.

Rosie and Joe Giudice go outside to have a cigarette and to have a talk to allow everyone else to continue with their “healing”. Joe Gorga makes a comment that he is a loyal person and how his sister isn’t because she hangs out with people who bash his wife. Excuse me Joe but aren’t you doing the same thing by hanging out with Teresa’s old friends (Manzo’s and Laurita’s) and you all sit around and talk about her marriage, financial problems and say horrible things about her? This hypocrisy needs to stop already! Teresa brings up the stripper gate drama since that was the last time she and her brother talked and Joe Gorga then starts attacking Teresa by saying she’s poison. Melissa then takes the opportunity to play the victim once again as she gets on her knees and “begs” Teresa to stop messing with her and her family! The whole scene was joke to me because wasn’t she the one talking to Danielle behind Teresa’s back during the second season of RHONJ? Wasn’t she the one that came into the show where her sister in law was in? Melissa let me remind you sweetheart you are NOT that innocent so the victim role needs to stop. Joe Gorga then joins in and starts attacking Teresa again. Melissa and Joe Gorga are apperent in a tag team mach as Melissa and Joe Gorga switch back and forth as they take turns to play the victim and attack Teresa! Teresa then tells Joe Gorga that he needs to stick with his blood and Joe responds by saying he won’t stick with scum. Kathy quickly calls Joe Gorga because he was completely out of line.
Teresa the walks out and she see’s Joe Giudice and Rosie talking and Teresa informs to Joe Giudice what her brother called her and she wants to leave. Juicy Joe has had enough of this drama and walks back into the building and demands to Joe Gorga to apologize to Teresa for calling her a scum and Joe Gorga goes after Juicy Joe and they get into a physical fight and Joe Gorga gets his ass beaten and the episode ends there.
Next week we see the continuation of the fight between the Joe’s as more drama unfolds. 

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