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Recap: RHONJ Season 5 - Episode 6: Drinking With The Enemy

The episode beings with Kathy baking some of her delicious desserts in the bakery kitchen that Richie rented for Kathy. Jacqueline and Caroline pay Kathy a visit to check out her new kitchen and shortly after Rosie arrives. Rosie then explains to the ladies about her meeting with Teresa.

Rosie confesses to the girls that at first it got loud, there was lots of yelling back and forth and at one point she banged her hand on the table which apparently messed her her hand. What kind of person would do that on a public place and get crazy  yet alone on national television but I forgot that’s the reason we watch the show, anyways back to the recap. Rosie reveals Teresa decided to take a trip as a healing retreat and everyone is invited. Jacqueline quickly doesn’t like the idea and wants no part on it as she reveals she doesn’t want any drama. I wonder if she knows which show is she on cause she’s on the most dramatic Real Housewives show out of all the cities.

Next we see Joe Gorga and Richie Wakile golfing when Joe gets a phone call and it’s Teresa. Joe tells Teresa that she owns him money for dry cleaner since Teresa spilled water on him. Is he serious? That’s just beyond ridiculous, it’s just water! Teresa then informs Joe she wants to him to go with her on a healing retreat to better their relationship as she feels this is the only option thye have left. Joe tells Teresa he will get back to her after he talks to his other half aka Melissa. What was more disturbing is what Joe said during his interview, he said every time he gets frustrated with his sister he usually has sex with Melissa. TMI Joe, that’s just disgusting. Joe tells Richie what Teresa called for and once again Richie finds a way to talk smack about Teresa and I’m just surprised Joe even allowed is, regardless she is you’re sister Joe, man up and take a stand.

Melissa meets with her two best friends Maria and Jan for lunch to play catch up. Melissa says she barely gets to see her friends ever since she got married and had kids. Melissa starts telling them about her book deal which is how to maintain a perfect marriage. While Melissa rants about how everyone comes and asks her how she maintains a her marriage, her best friends seem busy reacting to Melissa by looking uninterested and by rolling their eyes. Then one of her friends mentions Teresa might be jealous since Melissa is writing a book and Melissa takes this opportunity by throwing a dig at Teresa by saying she's writing a book and not a cookbook. Melissa reveals to her besties that Teresa congratulated her and basically she is not feeling it. I feel bad for Teresa she just can’t win with Melissa. If Teresa didn’t congratulate her she would be labeled as a hater and not supportive of her family and if she does she’s being fake and the list goes on. Melissa goes on by saying that she hopes Teresa reads her book because she needs it. This is was completely unnecessary and uncalled for Melissa.

Next we see Kathy and Jacqueline shopping when Kathy gets a phone call from Teresa. Kathy puts the phone on speaker which allows Jacqueline to hear the phone conversation. Teresa invites Kathy to the retreat and Kathy seems to like the idea and tells Teresa that Jacqueline should also. Teresa reveals that Jacqueline was the reason why her brother is mad at her since Jacqueline held Teresa responsible of setting Melissa up on the whole stripper gate and that’s when Jacqueline takes away the phone from Kathy and starts arguing with Teresa over the speaker phone at a boutique where people are shopping! Sounds normal right? Jacqueline still insists that’s she’s over Teresa but clearly she isn’t and Kathy is starting to realize this. I still think speaker phones on public places should be off limits that just irritates me.

Teresa has a girls night out with Kim D, Jennifer, Penny and Melissa’s “best friend” Jan. Jan reveals how she and Melissa aren’t that close anymore and how fame has changed her and then throws a bomb and accuses Melissa of cheating on Joe. This is shocking because not earlier we saw Jan having lunch with Melissa and they were talking about Teresa and now Jan is having dinner with Teresa now talking about Melissa. Jan to me is the new and well improved Kim G! Remember how Kim G during Season 2 used to be nice with all the ladies and talk smack about Danielle and then go to Danielle and be Team Danielle and talk smack about the other girls? Yup she reminds me on Kim G and I love it lol! Back to the recap! Jan mentions how Melissa gave her ex a blowjob and Teresa says she doesn’t want to be involved and know anything, good for Teresa!

Next we see Caroline and Albert having dinner, and I must say it’s very awkward and hard to watch. Caroline mentions how she rented the apartment for them to escape and get away to spend more time together and Albert reminds Caroline that Lauren also lives in the apartment so technically it’s not for them. Albert seems very cold and distant towards Caroline. I don’t know if it’s cause of the cameras but he is just like Joe Giudice in a way but seems like no one comments on Albert's attitude but everyone loves to comment on Mr. Giudice. Strange isn't it?

Jennifer who is Teresa’s friend calls up Melissa for lunch to catch up. Jennifer tells Melissa that she had dinner the other day with Teresa, Penny, Kim D and her “best friend” Jan. Melissa is shocked to hear about this and then Jennifer informs her that Jan accused her of cheating on Joe. Melissa is pissed of by this news and she automatically targets Teresa and somehow she feels why didn’t Teresa defended her and starts blaming her. Is Melissa serious? She should get mad at her so called “best friend” and not on you’re sister in law that you don’t ever care for.

Later that day Melissa and Joe meet everyone for drinks and as soon as Melissa arrives she tells everyone she needs a strong drink which is vodka and cranberry which by the way is not a strong drink, try a long island ice tea sweet cheeks! Anywho Melissa tells everyone she meet Jennifer for lunch and how Jan accused her of cheating. Jacqueline automatically blames Teresa and goes a little coco coco for coco puffs crazy and doesn’t stop blabbing how Teresa is evil and what not. Kathy starts seeing a new side of Jacqueline and even questions her sanity and her “obsession with Teresa". Kim D so happens to be there and Richie calls her over. Everyone starts questioning Kim D on what happened and Joe Gorga puts the blame on Teresa for something Melissa’s “best friend” said. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Melissa decides to prove to Kim D that she didn’t cheat on her husband by displaying a big sloppy kiss. Really Melissa? Kissing your husband does not prove that you cheated or not.

Next Jennifer meets up with Teresa to inform Teresa that she meet with Melissa a few days ago and told her what Kim D and Jan said about Melissa cheating on Joe. Teresa is taken back since she is planning a retreat with her brother and sister in law and now this might add more flames to the fire. Jennifer explains to Teresa she did it to get Melissa’s listing and also she think it’s unfair what Jan said and believes Kim D is the person behind everything. I find it hilarious that Jennifer wants the listing since she pretty much trashed Melissa's home.

Next week is the infamous fight between the two Joe’s! Are you ready for it?

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