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Recap: RHOC Season 8 - Episode 17: An Immodest Proposal

Gretchen proposes to Slade during a stunning skyscraper rooftop rendezvous, but none of the other ladies score an invite to the engagement party that follows. Heather and Terry break the news to their kids that they've sold their home. Vicki hears Slade insult her on his radio show and plans to confront him at her upcoming "Winter Wonderland" party. Tamra reveals her wedding date, Vicki reveals her rekindled relationship with Brooks, and everybody reveals their true feelings about Gretchen. Read our recap below!

As we all remember during the first few episodes of this season, Vicki was doing major renovations to her house and now the process is complete. Vicki invites Alexis and Lydia over and show them the new look of her house and décor. Next the ladies sit down and Vicki shares she’s heard that Slade has been bashing her on his radio show so Vicki pulls a clip online and sure enough he’s calling her Tupperware Face. Vicki has had it and to everyone’s surprise Lydia seems more upset. She is sick of hearing Slade making negative comments towards everyone’s appearance.

Heather and Terry sit their kids down to break the news that they’re moving. The kids are not happy at first until Terry tells them they can have whatever they want in their new home. A larger pool, bigger rooms, more fireplaces and even a movie theater, they eventually win them over. Gotta love rich people, damn those kids are lucky aren’t they?

During Slade’s radio show, his co-host plays him a song that Gretchen wrote for him, at first Slade doesn’t recognize the singer’s voice then realizes its Gretchen. As he is listening to the lyrics he begins to cry, but wonders what’s the reason of the song, quickly in the song Gretchen says/sings “Marry Me?” and Slade tears start flooding down.   His co-host tells Slade they are not live in the air but was all a trick she makes him change into a tux and takes a limo ride to the airport. A helicopter is waiting for him in the airport which takes him to a top building in LA where Gretchen is waiting to propose to him.

Gretchen tells Slade she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and s ready to make it happen, emotionally Slade accepts and the party begins. Gretchen surprises Slade as they celebrate their engagement party where their closets friends and family members are there to celebrate their engagement with them. Surprise to everyone no housewives were invited to this event, as Gretchen prefers to keep this news from everyone at the moment. We meet Slade’s brother Kent who oddly looks nothing like Slade, he clearly stole the show during that scene. Congrats to Gretchen and Slade. Back in Orange County, Tamra opens her gym for customers to sign up and Alexis shows up to support her, these two sure have come a long way haven't they?

Vicki gets inspired by their trip to Whistler and throws a winter wonderland theme party at her house. At Vicki’s party, Tamra finally reconnects with Briana and meets Troy for the first time and while Tamra is holding him he poops. Tamra then gives Vicki a present which is a picture of them two and tells her she loves her and they are back as BFF’s. Ryan arrives from training which is a bigger reason to celebrate. Lydia, Heather and Alexis soon arrive with their husbands and Vicki sits the women down and says she’s back with Brooks, but Briana and Ryan don’t know yet, this is not going to end well. Tamra then shares with the ladies the date of her wedding and start talking about Gretchen. Gretchen and Slade arrive and the wives look not thrilled to see neither of them. Next week is the season finale where is everyone versus Slade and Gretchen and Ryan and Briana find out that Vicki is back with Brooks which causes more drama to the party.

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