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Recap: RHOC Season 8 - Episode 16: Crossroads

On this episode of RHOC: Alexis comes face-to-face with Gretchen. Still recovering from the drama in Whistler, Lydia grounds herself in Bible study, and Heather and Terry receive a surprise offer they might not be able to refuse. Meanwhile Vicki struggles to keep things professional on a business trip with Brooks. Tamra confronts Eddie about setting a wedding date, while Gretchen takes matters into her own hands and plots a surprise marriage proposal for Slade. Read our recap below!

This week I’m only going to focus on what I consider the best highlights of the episode. Here we go! The ladies are back in Orange County and Gretchen is unpacking from her Canadian trip. She gives Slade a call and tells him how exhausted she is. Gretchen gives Slade a mini recap on the drama that occurred in Canada and her new beef with Heather. Gretchen tells Slade that Heather sent her some text messages regarding the guest role drama at Fox 5, oops I meant to say Malibu Country, am I the only one who is over this subject?

Tamra and Eddie are out at a Mexican restaurant having dinner and Tamra is frustrated with Eddie because she feels like he doesn’t want to participate in planning their weeding. Eddie reveals the wedding preparations are stressful and feels pressured. Tamra then explains to him that she doesn’t need to pressure anyone into marrying her. Eddie then changes his mood about it and caves in and the two plan a wedding date for the summer.

Next Alexis goes to an acting audition with some TV producers for a prime time show. She actually presents herself well and she looks extra fabulous this season, her style is on point. Any who back to the recap. They make her act out a scene as she plays a physiologist and she is doing great until she draws a stick figure sketch to represent a photo of a missing person. I give her props because she did the best she could under the circumstances, and not everyone can draw perfect, I know I can’t. The producers eventually tell Alexis they are impressed and may give her a call back.

Alexis and Gretchen meet for lunch to discuss their broken friendship. Alexis tells Gretchen that she is not the Gretchen she used to know and calls her a mean girl. Gretchen tells Alexis she did not bully her and she has already apologized enough to her. Gretchen says she apologizes if she hurt her feeling but doesn’t regret what she told her in Costa Rica, Mexico. Gretchen reveals she doesn’t want to fight with Alexis anymore and both ladies leave with nothing being accomplished. That friendship is left where Season 8 began, with no friendship at all.

Vicki reveals she is still into Brooks and Briana is not pleased at all. Vicki also reveals that she’s also doing business with him. So far, not good! It’s revealed that Brooks is a consultant for her new business which is her own line of vodka called Vicki’s Vodka.

Meanwhile, Gretchen reveals she wants to propose to Slade, she now feels they are now both in a better place, both financially and emotionally. Gretchen reveals that Slade loves hearing her sing and then next we see her in the record studio recording a new track that is based on their love story. Side note that song will be released on iTunes this coming Monday!

Meanwhile, Vicki and Brooks are having dinner and Vicki find the opportunity to confront Brooks. She tells him if he is dating anyone else, Vicki spills the tea on what Lauri told her about him and he denies everything. Then Brooks tells Vicki he is not going to wait any longer and sit around for them to move forward. He is tired of not having any time with her since her family doesn’t accept their relationship. You can tell Vicki is hurt and then Brooks reels her back in by saying they are still on and they are going to make lots of money together. This whole scene seemed fishy and confusing, I feel for Vicki, does this mean Vicki’s love tank is full?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo