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Recap: RHOC Season 8 - Episode 15: Hold Your Tongue

This episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County the ladies continue in Canada in their Whistler trip, Lauri’s accusations of indiscretions leaves Vicki’s head spinning and launches the mother of all dinner table debacles. Tamra accuses Gretchen of lying, making Gretchen question their friendship. A vodka binge leaves Tamra tongue-tied in the worst way possible. Back in Orange County, Heather guest stars on a new sitcom. Read our RHOC recap below!

The episode starts with Tamra and Vicki hanging out before heading to dinner with the rest of the ladies. Vicki reveals to Tamra how ashamed she is for letting Lauri’s accusations bring out the worst in her. Meanwhile back in Lydia’s room, Lydia and Alexis are having a drink before heading to dinner and I must say Alexis looks fabulous! Lauri joins the ladies and tells them that she has had issues with Vicki for many years now.

It turns out that Vicki received a phone call and an email from George Peterson’s ex mother in law. Apparently Vicki decided to show it to Jeana Keough and to other women and I guess “it went viral”(I don't recall going rival till now). Lauri claims Vicki did all this behind Lauri’s back to hurt her. Off topic: we will get into Vicki’s side of the story in a little bit. My question is, if Lauri had an issue with Vicki why would she wait 8 years later to confront her? To me it doesn’t make sense at all, is all of this drama just for TV? I guess we just have to wait for the reunion.

All the ladies arrive to dinner and quickly becomes round two of Vicki vs. Lauri! Lauri accuses Vicki of trying to intimidate her which Vicki denies. Vicki questions why would Lauri makes these accusations about her and Lauri explains to her it all started when Gretchen explained to her how she was accused of cheating on her ex finance Jeff. They call Vicki a hypocrite once again and Vicki tells them it’s called irony. Gretchen then tries to explain to everyone the difference between irony and hypocrite. I think everyone can agree that this was not the best explanation!

Vicki starts to get heated once again and goes off on Lauri. Vicki starts slamming the table and for a minute I was hoping she was going to pull a Teresa Giudice by and flipping the table over but sadly it didn’t happen.  Gretchen explains to Vicki how she accused her of being a gold digger when she was Jeff’s fiancé. Vicki tells her how she doesn’t recall calling her that. If I recall both Tamra and Vicki accused Gretchen of being a gold digger in the past but then again all the Real Housewives have been caught lying and they all have moments of being hypocrites.

Vicki tells Gretchen how she is tired of talking about drama that occurred 5 years ago and references it by saying no one likes the taste of throw up in their mouths. Vicki then throws Tamra in the conversation and tells Gretchen how Tamra has also accused Gretchen of being a gold digger, etc. Gretchen tells Vicki that her and Tamra’s relationship is fine but Vicki replies to her is she is sure about that. Gretchen then questions Tamra. Vicki tells Gretchen that used to be in an unhappy marriage so at this point who cares about the accusations Lauri has made about her.

Vicki continues to tell Lauri off. Lauri then explains to Vicki that she has had issues with her from 8 years ago. That’s right everybody 8 years ago. Lauri waited 8 years later on national TV to tell Vicki this. Does this really make sense? Any who, back to the recap. Vicki tells us during her interview when she got the email that George Peterson’s ex mother in law sent her, she didn’t know what to do. Vicki explains she then decided to seek advice from her then BFF Jeana Keough. Apparently Jeana was the one who showed it to other people and somehow Vicki got blamed for it all.

Tamra and Gretchen then discuss the whole Malibu Country drama. Tamra tells Gretchen that she lied to her and used Malibu Country as an excuse to get out from attending Tamra’s wedding dress shopping because she decided to invite Alexis. Gretchen denies ever lying to Tamra and goes on by saying she wasn’t offered to play Heather’s role therefore Heather doesn’t know the truth. According to Gretchen she says she was offered to play herself and has emails to prove it. This whole Malibu Country is so Fox 5 the sequel and it's becoming very confusing to me now. However does it really matter? It’s only a guest post. I guess we will know what really happened at the reunion. Tamra and Gretchen eventually talk it out and hug it out.

The next day the ladies go on a snowmobile adventure. Vicki states how she’s a pro and quickly if the first one to drive off. Tamra and Vicki say they have to go pee and can’t hold it in so they drop their pants and pee on the snow. Soon after that the ladies get into a snowball fight and they all poke fun of each other’s issues in a playful way, it’s nice to see then laugh it off and have fun. Lauri and Vicki agree to put their drama on hold and talk later on so everyone can enjoy their Canadian trip. Vicki however says during her interview that she will never talk to Lauri and not forgive her for making hurtful accusations about her.

Meanwhile back in California, Heather shoots Malibu Country. She calls Tamra to catch up. Tamra tells Heather that Gretchen might be upset with her as she still continues saying that she was offered a role on Malibu Country. Heather rolls her eyes and ind the whole thing ridiculous. Tamra confides in Heather and tells her she doesn’t believe Gretchen and she believes that Gretchen has been a liar face and is beginning not to trust her. Heather arrives to her house and is greeted by her kids. Terry tells her how happy he is for her getting back into what she loves the most which is acting. Heather states she is the happiest she’s ever even been by balancing her family and her love for acting.

The ladies head to another dinner. The ladies tease Vicki’s sexual frustrations and Vicki ends up taking her frustration by breaking a glass. The ladies are taken to an ice room for vodka shots tastings. Lydia admits she is not a shot girl but manages to take the shot. Vicki and Lydia play pretend that they are sticking their tongues into the ice wall when Tamra literally sticks her tongue on the ice wall. Her tongue is literally stuck and they try to remove it by dripping vodka on it, all I can say is OUCH! They eventually get it off as she rips some skin of her tongue.

The ladies head back to dinner and Tamra sends Terry a text that she had a medical emergency. Heather and Terry are concern and decide to call Tamra to check in. Tamra explains to them what happen and Terry basically calls Tamra Dumb and Dumber. Terry tells Tamra that she needs to drink warm drinks so her tongue can heal. Vicki gives a speech about laughter and Lydia states how much fun the trip  has been and says she will forever be bonded with all the ladies.

Next week Alexis and Gretchen meet up and dicuss their issues. Gretchen records a song for Slade and Vicki confronts Brooks about the accusations Lauri made about him.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs every Monday nights at 9pm, only on Bravo.

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