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Recap: RHOC Season 8 - Episode 14: The Cold War

The episode starts with Lydia and Alexis. Alexis visits Lydia at her home and gives her a gift which is a bedazzled blinged bible. Lydia falls in love with it and I want one too even though I'm not that religious.

Lydia is excited to take all the girls to Canada where she’s from. Next we see Tamra and Heather shopping for their trip to Whistler and then they discuss about the accusations Lauri has made about Vicki. Tamra doesn't know if she should tell Vick what Lauri has been saying about her but  at the same time she doesn’t want to upset Gretchen since she told her in confidence. Heather thinks Lauri's accusations about Vicki are ridiculous and unnecessary which I agree!
The ladies pack for Canada and hit the road to the airport. All the ladies seem excited but I find it odd that Lauri is sitting next to Vicki and is being all friendly with her after all the smack she’s been saying behind her back. The ladies arrive at the airport and Heather meets the ladies there. All the ladies arrive to Canada safe and sound.

The women then get on a bus which will take them to Whistler. Heather then tells the ladies how she’s only going to be there for six hours since she has to fly back to LA to film Malibu Country. Tamra says that was the same TV show Gretchen got a call about but Heather makes it clear it was for a different part. Alexis then joins in the conversation and says she also got a call to do the same role Gretchen was offered but she turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Basically this is Fox 5 the sequel!

The ladies arrive at The Four Seasons Resort in Whistler. Lydia invites her hottie Uncle Greg to visit her and the rest of the ladies. All the ladies meet at Lydia’s suite for drinks. Apparently Uncle Greg is single then the ladies think he should hook up with Vicki who is also single then he confesses he’s taken and everyone is having a good time. Heather leaves the girls and flies back to LA. I have to give it to Heather for going to Canada for just 6 hours. Gotta love rich people!

The next day the ladies head to the slopes to go skiing. Vicki says she used to ski in high school so she has skills and then quickly falls in her face. All the ladies are having fun in the snow skiing and Tamra takes the opportunity to tell Vicki what Lauri has been saying behind her back and accusing her of having a threesome.

Vicki quickly denies ever having a threesome and she is ready to open a can of whoop ass on Lauri. Tamra suggests Vicki should talk to Gretchen to get the entire scoop. Vicki confronts Gretchen and Gretchen says Lauri said those things about Vicki because she wanted to call her out on her hypocrisy.  Vicki admits she cheated on Donn but it was on both ends which Donn also cheated which is why they got a divorce. Lauri arrives and Vicki quickly calls out Lauri by saying “not cool Lauri!”.

Vicki asks Lauri why would she make such accusations about her and Lauri tells her Gretchen told her about how Vicki accused Gretchen on cheating on Jeff which makes no sense to me on why would Lauri be loyal to Gretchen when Vicki was there for her when no one was and even got her a job. Vicki tells Lauri off and I must say it was the best RHOC moment for me. I couldn’t stop laughing! Vicki is the OG of the OC and she still has it in her. Woo Hoo!

Gretchen goes on, and calls Vicki a hypocrite for accusing her of cheating years ago and then Lydia calls Gretchen out for doing the same thing which quickly upsets Gretchen. Next we see Lydia, Alexis and Tamra doing snow angels, which is nice to see Tamra and Alexis together getting along! I guess that bible did come in good handy after all! Vicki is still mad as hell and Alexis tries to calm her down and saying she doesn’t believe it and the episode ends by Vicki screaming her lungs out of anger. Watching this episode really made me miss the ladies from The Real Housewives of Vancouver. This reminded me of Season 1 of RHOV and I was hoping to see Christina, Mary, Reiko, Ronnie and Jody now that have been Jewish Sex sweet cheeks!

Next week the ladies continue their Canadian vacation and a round 2 for Vicki vs. Lauri, I can’t wait for that… whoo hooo!
The Real Hoousewives of Orange County airs every Monday nights at 9:00 pm on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo