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iRealHousewives 1 Year Anniversary Message: Happy Birthday To Us!

I’m happy to announce that today is our birthday here at! We turn 1 year old! WOO HOO! I have to say it doesn't feel like a year, since a lot has happened and also a lot should have happened but at the end of the day I'm happy with the results. As a devoted fan of the Real Housewives franchise I never imagined that I would become a "blogger" of the series, and I use the term "blogger" because frankly I don't always update my site as I should but having a busy life it tends to complicate things.

I’m going to try and keep this very short and sweet.
I want to first start off and thank Bravo, Slice and all the American and International Real Housewives for all their support. Bravo thank you for creating such an addicting show, and to all the previous, former and future real housewives, thank you for making such a fun and dramatic show that we love to blog about, because of you we created this website and we sure love to blog about you all!

I really want to start off by thanking the ladies of The Real Housewives of DC, Cat, Lynda and Mary. They were the first wives that I approached for interviews and they were all nice enough to say yes to a rookie blogger who had an empty blog with no posts. Cat you basically popped my blogger cherry and for that I thank you, you were my very first Housewife interview and for that I will always love you, you can’t say you were not NFI (wink wink) lol much love babe! Lynda and Mary thank you for being fun, classy and not a goat rodeo lol (wink wink), thank you for the constant support! Peggy and Slade from The Real Housewives of Orange County, thank you as well, Slade was my first “Real House Husband” that I interviewed and the first person that I ever interviewed over the phone, I was so nervous at the beginning of the interview that I had a glass of wine so I could relax (yes I know how lame but I was nervous lol) but Slade was fun to talk to. And from there my interviews took off within The Real Housewives and other reality shows such as Sheree (RHOA), Bobbie Brown (Ex-Wives of Rock), Amy Hanley (Sin City Rules), Dana Wilkey and Marisa Zanuck (RHOBH), Joanna Krupa, Lea Black, Karent Sierra, Robert Rodriguez, Elaine Lancaster (RHOM), Jordana Lenz (Baseball Wives), Kenneth John (Big Ang Show), Pilar Sanders (Football Wives), My Music Mondays Interviews Mr. Skulley, Santino Noir, Cory Larrabee, and international reality stars like Jeevan Doman, Danielle Meagher (Dublin Wives), Christina Amrani and Natalie Wizman (Les Vraies Housewives) and here’s an exclusive announcement: A big THANK YOU to one of my favorite interviews ever which was with the one and only Ronnie Negus from the Real Housewives of Vancouver (interview coming very soon, I promise) I enjoy your constant love and support and thank you for hooking me up with some REHAB wine bottles, it was delish, love ya!

To all the Twitter followers thank you for your constant support and love! Twitter is a magical place, I created @iRealHousewives on Twitter on May of last year, and very quickly in the beginning I’ve made very great friendships in which I still keep in touch with till this day on Twitter and outside of Twitter, so I want to give a special shout out to them, and they are: Chris (@chris_lala), my Twitter Twin (@bravo_rhony), Sergio (@RonnieNegusFans), Roxy (@RHOVtalk), and Jeaneva (@allaboutRHOV) and a special shout out to those who I tweet with on a regularly basis, you know who you, if I include you on those special #FollowFriday tweets yup I’m talking about you, you all make me LMAO and I love it! Kisses!

To my Clink & Chat Real Housewives Radio co-hosts Mella (@champagnechat) and my great buddy Nicki (@AllThingsRH), thank you for the constant support so I’m going to pop the cork for you all CLINK!

Saving the best for last: A BIG BIG THANK YOU to the iRealHousewives Team: Gabriel aka Mr. Housewife (@bravo_rhony) who is my Twitter Twin and the ultimate RHONY excerpt, thanks for recaps and for being you!  Hannah Cook (@hannahkooc) the fashionista who does our Fashion Fridays articles and Jean Claude (@jeanclaudexx) thank you very much for doing so many things for us in such a short period time on Claude's Corner! Thank you 3, I feel so lucky, you all bring something new, fresh to the site.  

Overall I want to thank everyone, to all the people who follows iRealHousewives on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all the loyal readers of this page, I really appreciate it! A lot of changes are coming soon to New look, new features, and as I mentioned on Twitter I’ll be doing a Q & A session so if you have a question you want to ask me personally or Housewives related go ahead and leave the question on the comment below or tweet me at @iRealHousewives.

Thanks guys for reading this long post, I guess it wasn’t short and sweet after all. Can I get a WOO HOOO?! Besos everyone!