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Throwback Thursdays: The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 1

It's Throwback Thursday today and this week I'm going to focus on my favorite Real Housewives which are The Real Housewives of Vancouver! Season 1 is my absolute favorite season out of the two seasons and we're going to look back as the original RHOV ladies talk about gossip, drama, botox, golddiggers, drama and much more. Watch the videos below!

The RHOV on Themselves
The RHOV on Drama
The RHOV on Gossip
The RHOV on Golddiggers
The RHOV on Wealth
The RHOV on Vancouver
The RHOV on Botox
RHOV Season 1 Sneak Peek
What was your favorite moment from Season 1 of RHOV? Who is your favorite RHOV? Tell us by leaving a comment below!
Photo/Video Credit: Slice