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RHOV Season 2 Finale Recap - Episode 10: In Costume and Out Of Control

The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2 has finally come to an end. I have so much to discuss regarding this season however I will save that at the end of the recap. Let’s recap this season finale and break it down!

We begin with Amanda who is ready to host a small party to celebrate the launch of her business which is her famous Kombucha tea. She meets with Jody to give her the news and Jody is more than thrilled for Amanda. Amanda then reveals she wants to make this party different and wants to make is an Alice in Wonderland theme, of course Amanda is playing Alice! Jody volunteers to play the Queen of Hearts (not surprised, are you?) and she recommends Ronnie for the role of the Mad Hatter, I wonder is Jody was throwing shade at Ronnie for deciding this character, just saying. Amanda tells Jody she’s inviting all the girls including Mary and very Jody like is not too thrilled but manages to get over it by telling Amanda that Mary should dress like a frog, which is clear there’s no frog in Alice in Wonderland. Throwing shade again Jody? LOL!

Next we have the lovely Mary Zilba and Robin Reichman. They both meet with a pair of matchmakers who’ve narrowed down some potential bachelors for Mary. First they pitch an Italian but Robin the matchmaker that se is doesn’t approve and they go on with the next choice which is an old school gentleman that enjoys skinny dipping but Robin doesn’t approve (and neither do we). After a few other choices that get rejected by Robin since they don’t have the total package, Robin finally agrees on a match for her new bff Mary.  The choice is a billionaire who is a successful business man. He looks awfully familiar to Mary, and we will get into that later on, let’s move along!

Amanda holds her Alice in Wonderland theme tea party and Ronnie arrives as the Mad Hatter in a red and black costume looking fabulous! Reminds me of something Britney Spears would wear at her Circus Tour! Any who then Amanda’s boyfriend Kyle arrives as the white rabbit in fill on costume, that costume looks hot to wear, not sexy hot but literally hot. Then Jody arrives are what it suppose to be The Queen of Heart and Mia as a princess. Jody doesn’t look nothing like Queen of Hearts and there’s no princess in Alice in Wonderland, only on the Real Housewives SMH lol!

Jody starts making remarks about Mary as if it was a Roast from Comedy Central but it’s clear she isn’t joking when it comes to Mary. Mary arrives with her friends Marika and Skye. Robin couldn’t make it since she was sick. Mary says hi to Ioulia as no one goes up to her to greet her. Finally Amanda arrives dressed as Alice, and I must say she is the sexiest Alice in Wonderland that I ever seen on TV, that girl has a nice body! Mary then talks to Amanda and tells her she’s disappointed that she didn’t attend her birthday party but Amanda being Team Jody tells her she couldn’t make it since Jody planned a dinner event the same day as her birthday. Then Ronnie walks towards Mary and asks her how she’s been lately.

Ronnie lets Mary know she’s hurt for not inviting her to her birthday party, but Ronnie didn’t invite Mary either and weren’t they taking a break from each other? It’s clear no matter how angry these two are they will always love each other despite the tension and drama. Then Jody gets cray cray jealous when she sees Ronnie and Mary hugging it out, that’s where Alice in Wonderland turns into The Exorcist. Jody forces Ronnie and Mary apart, Jody flips at Mary but Mary fights back which turns Jody even more cray cray ala Kelly RHONY Season 3!

Jody goes on at calls Mary “Look at you, you’re a piece of shit, Mary! You don’t have fillers in your face, you look like a Martian! You’re a piece of shit Zilba! I’m glad you got f**ked in your life, you’re a hooker!”

At this point I wished Ramona from RHONY was there to scream at Jody and tell her to “TAKE A XANAX… CALM DOWN!” Jody of all people shouldn’t judge anyone’s looks even she dresses like an 8 year old. She can dish it but she can’t take it. Any who back to the recap! Ronnie at this point is irritated with Jody and tries to calm her down but at this point Jody lost it and can’t seem to be calm even Mia is shocked as she has never seen her mom get this angry. Jody is having a meltdown that even Amanda stands up and tells Jody to calm down which Jody even flips at Amanda and tells her “pick your f**king loyalty. Are we in high school that they have to pick sides and teams? Oh I forgot this is the Real Housewives franchise lol!

Jody explains in an interview that her meltdown was not her fault but Amanda’s for putting her in the same room with Mary. Ronnie at this point is beyond over with both Mary and Jody and she’s exhausted as we are as well. While the fight continues Ioulia is eating her cake and watching this go down, Ioulia is always the comic relief of the show. Eventually Mary leaves and Jody calms down and is back to normal. She starts to cry and apologizes to Amanda for ruining her party, Mia then tells her mother she’s her role model. I do have to say Jody’s cake looks delicious!

Mary seems to forget the drama and starts getting ready for her date. She invites her publicist Colleen over to help her pick an outfit as she’s very nervous. Meanwhile Ioulia is organizing an art expo that she hopes to make her a big name in the art community. Back to Mary, she arrives to her destination to meet her billionaire date; she waits very nervously until her prince billionaire charming arrives. Mary then realizes upon meeting him that it’s W. Brett Wilson. From there they start getting to know one another and giggle. Brett doesn’t come empty handed as he gives Mary a bracelet and necklace from a company that he owns. He also brings along his book and gifts it to Mary which she promises she’ll read. Mary asks him if he’ll autograph it to her and he agrees as long as she writes down her number. BINGO!! Hopefully these two make it happen!

Meanwhile Ioulia is getting ready trying to put her art expo event together. She’s nervous as she wants to make an impression, and she is hoping everything goes well. Ioulia doesn’t want any mishaps but inviting the housewives on a season finale might not help you sweetie. Mary and Robin and Urban Rush stat Fiona Forbes arrive and Robin is ready to meet up with Ronnie. Robin wants to confront Ronnie for says she drugged her on her birthday. Ronnie arrives and Robin confronts her and Ronnie is not having it. Ronnie storms off as she doesn’t want to handle that situation in a public place, I can’t blame her and I can’t blame Robin either. Ronnie leaves the event as it seems she is over all the ladies at this point.

Mary then decides to confront Jody one last time to clear the air. Mary pulls Jody aside and tells her she is not the mean evil woman that Jody makes her out to be. Jody is not having it when Mary tells Jody is there was anything she said that hurt her feelings or made her upset, she apologies. For a minute there you might think Jody will say “thank you” or “apology accepted” but Jody then tells Mary to say “sorry” which Mary is surprised by Jody’s request and tells her she already apologized to her and then Jody the mature person she is tells Mary her breath smells and walks away. Very mature Jody, bravo sweet cheeks! The episode ends giving us an update on what the housewives have been up since the show was done filming. I’m going to break it down on each housewife very quick and to the point:
Jody is still being Jody and the drama continues with her.

Amanda ended her long distance relationship with her boyfriend

Ioulia and her husband are not together anymore

Robin still has Mary’s back and hasn’t recorded a song with her

Mary is launching her cosmetic line Buff Beauty

Ronnie is done messing with Texas aka Robin but the world should watch out

My final thoughts: I loved this new season, loved the new girls, love the originals but I really hope Lark and Slice decide to make Season 3 longer, this season was shorter than the first one and I’m still pissed there’s no reunion special. Also they need to add more diversity to the cast, too many blondes. I really miss Christina on the show, they need to bring her back or at least make her a “friend of the housewives” like Bravo does to the American Housewives. And they need to release Season 1 on DVD, damn it’s been over a year already, take lessons from Bravo! And finally I’m going to say the following: For those who keep asking me and questioning why are the ladies together in the same room when some of them hate each other, it’s very simple: All the housewives are FORCED by contract to film together. The Real Housewives franchise has been around since 2008, so at this point everyone knows what they're getting themselves into. So I’m going to end my last RHOV recap on a good note. I’m going to end it RuPaul style “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else, can I get an amen up in here?” – RuPaul!

What are YOUR thoughts on this season? What are YOUR thoughts on the new ladies? Jody vs. Mary meltdown? Which is your favorite wife and why? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

Photo Credit: Slice