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Recap: RHOC Season 8 - Episode 1: Bullies and Babies

The first ladies of Bravo are back where it all began. Even thought there’s only one original housewife reaming however the location and series has a special place in everyone’s heart. Now in it’s eight season and new faces (literally a new housewives and new face due to surgery) for sure there’s going to be drama! Let’s break it down! We start off with the OG of the OC, the one and only Vicki Gunvalson (in Vicki’s voice “you gotta go WHOO HOO!”). Vicki is seen rearranging her casa since the arrival of Briana and Ryan’s baby is on the way. While Vicki sips on some wine and rearranges we learn that Vicki also had work done to her face. Fillers, Chin implant and so on. Vicki reveals that she did it to help her self esteem since all the negative comments about her looks lead her to plastic surgery to help her  boost some confidence. Vicki also reveals that she and Brooks called it quits due to the negative backlash their relationship got.

Next we have Heather and Dr. Terry Durbow as they are seen preparing food for the Heather’s clambake event as she calls it. What is clambake you ask? I’m guessing it’s some fancy way or getting together in a rich house and call it clambake when it’s really lobster but I digress. We see Terry pushing Fancy Pants’ (Heather) buttons as he suggests onion rings as part of dinner but Fancy Pants says NO! Heather reveals her and Alexis are not in a good terms as we all witnessed last season reunion, and tells us she is done with Alexis and make it clear she doesn’t want her part of her life.

Tamra and Eddie are still engaged and Tamra reveals she and her kids moved in with Eddie right after the engagement. It’s clear that Eddie’s is having trouble adjusting with the situation especially since he is not used to having kids living with him. Tamra tells Eddie a woman’s touch is missing in their home. There seems to be tension between Tamra and Eddie, especially when he points out certain things that bother him like leaving lights on etc. I wonder how this will play out throughout the season. Let’s hope for the best.

Vicki shared some home video footage to show Briana’s journey of becoming a mother during her time in the hospital. Briana ends up having a C-Section and baby Troy is welcomed to this world. Vicki, Briana and Ryan are in the happiest moments in life. It’s so nice to see the only voice of reason in the RHOC series journey from being a teenager to now a woman, wife and now mother.
Former frenemies and now besties, Tamra and Gretchen are shopping when Tamra gets a surprise phone call from Heather and invites the ladies over to her new home for a dinner event. Heater then tells the girls that Briana had a baby boy and that the OG of the OC is now a grandma. Tamra starts to reflect and reminisce how over a year ago, Tamra would have been the first one to get the news personally from Vicki but since now they don’t talk reality hits and makes Tamra a bit sad but then fades away as the blondes start talking about Alexis and the whole Costa Rica, Mexico drama.

Alexis finally appears and she is now living in a new mansion and reveals that the Bellino’s are not renting anymore but are proud homeowners. Jim and Alexis discuss last year’s drama and Alexis expresses how she felt bullied by the other ladies. Alexis also reveals how she has taken a step back from work since last year she was over worked with doing Alexis Couture and Fox 5 News. Now that she is no longer on Fox 5 and is moving along with her dress designs in a less hectic schedule she can devote more time on being a mom and a wife.

It’s clambake time at the Dubrow’s home and it’s time for another night of drama by the looks of it. Tamra and Eddie arrive at Gretchen’s house to pick her up and Tamra shows a picture of Vicki new face and began to gossip about Vicki’s plastic surgery. Vicki is also on her way all alone and she confesses of being nervous especially since she hasn’t seen Tamra in months since their fall out, also she's still swollen from surgery I'm sure that doesn't help. Gretchen, Tamra and Eddie arrive and they the main topic of conversation is once again Vicki. Tamra reveals she’s scared of Vicki because she’s loud and mean, is Tamra for reals? Isn’t Tamra the same way?

Vicki shows up and everything seems sort of awkward. Vicki greets the Durbows but ignores Gretchen and Tamra and that’s where the episode ends. It was a pretty safe and tamed season premiere in the OC however the trailer shows the originals never disappoint.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs every Monday nights at 8pm only on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo