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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 20: Divas Into Icons

by: Mr. Housewife
The season finale of RHOA was a good one! Kenya meets with a party planner to plan a party that plays tribute to black iconic women. She decides to throw a huge fabulous party partly because she remembers that Porsha downplayed her accomplishments. Next, Phaedra explains her new business venture, stun guns! Phaedra and Kandi head to a class to learn how to use the stun gun just in case a scenario arises in where they have to use it. Porsha heads over to therapy with Kordell for some marriage counseling. Kordell tells the therapist that their fights only last 5 seconds but Porsha disagrees. She confesses that she lets a lot of things go to hold the peace. Porsha tells the therapist that Kordell disapproves of an initiation of a career while at the same time conceiving a baby. Kordell would like to see Porsha at home. The two further discuss pregnancy and schedules. 

Kenya is at her venue setting up for some performances that the RHOA will participate in. Porsha tells her crew that Kenya wanted her to dress as Halle Berry in BAPS. She decides that she will not dress as she is instructed because she believes Kenya has some ill intention behind the request. The rest of the ladies prepare and dress up for Kenya’s event.

It is time for Kenya’s party and all the ladies begin to show up in their costumes. Porsha arrives to the party and greets Kenya which quickly spells trouble. Porsha tells Kenya that she decided to dress as  Halle Berry but from another movie. Kenya does not take well to the news and becomes upset. She tells the security guards to escort Porsha out of the party due to her inability to follow instructions. Kenya tells Porsha that she is insulted and feels disrespected because Porsha did not honor her request. Kandi and Cynthia are puzzled as to why she and Kordell were escorted out.  As good friends, they followed Porsha out and leave Kenya’s party. Porsha feels validated that the others backed her up and left with her. Cynthia calls Nene to tell her about what had happened. Nene thinks that Kenya is acting stupid. Kenya and Porsha battle it out outside. Kenya gives out a half ass apology and Porsha calls her out. Porsha practically beats out an apology out of Kenya. The ladies all accept and try to convince Porsha to come back in the party. Before doing so, Brandon starts to argue with Kordell. He tries to tell Brandon to get Kenya and another fight ensues.  Nene and Porsha arrive at that moment and Nene tries to settle the dispute. The ladies give her the rundown while Phaedra shows the ladies her stun gun. They all walk back inside the party to enjoy themselves. Nene pulls Kenya aside to let her know that her behavior needs to stop. Kenya tries to downplay the situation but Nene is not having it. The two finish their conversation and Kenya agrees to apologize to Porsha. Porsha accepts her apology even though she does not believe that Kenya was sincere.  The season concludes with a description of what each housewife is doing now. Next week, the reunion looks epic! Make sure you tune in!
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Photo Credit: Bravo